Sunday, 14 August 2011

Magpies Stuffed.

Notts County 1 - Addicks 2.

I can't add anything to the first hand accounts of our fully deserved victory at Meadow Lane yesterday as I spent the afternoon on my sofa.

I listened in online, (moments of football threatened to break out between the mentions for people following on twitter), and it sounded to be an accomplished performance from the Addicks.

A first half ended with the Londoners 2- 0 up, though it could have been more.

Waggy is making it very difficult for the supposedly first choice Green to get a look in after scoring 2 goals in 2 appearances.
Having now seen his strike on television, I'd have to say he made the most of his chance, cutting in and scoring from a tight angle.

Goal number 2 was Hayes first for the club and owed plenty to the awareness of BWP who placed the ball at his feet so precisely, he'd have to have been half asleep to have missed it.

Luckily, Hayes didn't have an attack of 'the Lisbies' and Charlton exited the pitch, two goals to the good.

Mad Dog Allen tore into his players at half time and they sounded much more lively in the second half.

The home side scored from a corner that left County substitute Montano free to tap in at the far post.

Everyone's pantomime villain Lee Hughes was another County substitute but luckily he never really got going.

Even over the internet, the cheers for returning Charlton old boy Jason Euell were clear, when he came on for goal scorer Hayes.
(It could just have been a spontaneous sing song of Gold by Spandau Ballet but I doubt it).

He only had around ten minutes to make his mark but it was great to have him back.
The Doc came on as the final minutes arrived to add some steel to the defence and that was that.

There was a bit of handbags at the end.
Magpies skipper Bishop showed his, 'ahem', passion by booting the ball into the Charlton support as the final whistle blew.

Hollands and Euell went to bend his ear and the commentating team told us that it wasn't what we wanted to see.
(Wish I'd seen it though!)

Hollands and Bishop received yellow cards, after the game had finished.

So, not a classic but as CP said after the match, the Charlton side had a game plan and it worked.

Tuesday can't come soon enough.

A Casual Rating.
It's very difficult to grade a game when you weren't there so I'm going to award Jason Euell the Lacoste polo, purely as a welcome home gift.
The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is going to Notts County captain Neil Bishop for being a bad loser!

**A special mention must go to the travelling Addicks who were making themselves clearly audible above the fairly muted home support, even before the goals.


Anonymous said...

I like the picture.
i hope it isn't your cat.

Bob Miller said...

Regarding the on-line broadcast (which, living three thousand miles away, is much appreciated), what's with Jamie and Finch leaving the mic wide open at half-time while they have a good old casual chit-chat? Are they or are they not aware of this? I am waiting for somebody to say something totally outrageous and hugely controversial. And yes, the constant twitter reports are massively annoying.

ChicagoAddick said...

Bob -agreed, it has been a gripe of mine for years. What's wring with turning the mic off off OR perhaps giving us a little half time update and the other scores?

Marco. said...

I have to agree with you fellers.
Having his off the cuff comments being broadcast without realising was what did for Ron Atkinson, so I'd have thought everyone would be rather paranoid about turning off the mic.
As it was, yesterday we were treated to somebody announcing they were off to the toilet and also a discussion on the relative merits of Solly and Francis.
We were only one silly joke away from a PR disaster.

Mr Jeff said...

Keep me up to date on the state of play if I can get this to paste.
Mr Jeff

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone on Twitter could post them to turn the bloomin' mic off. Not too difficult I would think.