Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Decent Iron Side

Addicks 2 - The Iron 2.

As ever, supporting Charlton continues to be a series of ups and downs, though this particular 'down' still gained the team a point.
A game that saw the reds 2-0 up, with only around 15 minutes left to play, really should have been another 3 points for Chris Powell's side but a few bad choices and errors, along with a decent Scunthorpe side, meant we went home without the perfect record continuing.

Scunthorpe started off the stronger and could possibly have cursed bad luck when Jackson scored the game opener with a looping header.

I felt at the time that 'keeper Lillis should have saved it but even if this was the case, he was one of the main reasons his side didn't lose.

At half time, Charlton were 1-0 up but we all felt there were more goals in the game. 

Charlton went 2-0 up on the hour, after the most perfect cross from Hollands was met by BWP to nod home.

At that point, there was a mass outbreak of chickens being counted while still in the egg.
"We are top of the League" etc.
I checked my iPhone to see the live table and it showed us 2 points clear.

What a day eh? 
Bouncy, Bouncy.
Valley Floyd Road.
E, I, E, I, E, I, O, - up the football league we go....

Scunthorpe got the goal their persistence deserved, though as the ball hit the back of the net I wasn't too fussed as I was sure I'd seen some pushing in the build up and there also seemed to be some handball.

The referee was making rather strange gestures that seem to be saying "No!"
I now realise these gestures were merely stating that there wasn't a reason to disallow the goal.

It was never going to be a consolation goal as far as Scunthorpe were concerned.
Charlton had some fantastic chances to score the third goal but an inspired performance from Lillis was denying the Addicks.

Green came on for Wagstaff (who had done little wrong) but the changeover highlighted where Waggy needs to work on his game.
In only a few moments, Green had whipped in 2 or 3 fantastic crosses - more than Wagstaff had managed in all of his time on the pitch.

Green was lucky to stay on the pitch for more than 5 minutes in my opinion.

Green was surely fouled and he ended up on the floor, wrestling with his tormentor.
Despite this all happening within 5 metres of the East Stand lino, he seemed incapable of lifting his flag and as the referee was most likely unsighted he just waved for play to continue.

Green was not happy about this and within seconds lunged in with a flying, dangerous 'challenge' that had nothing to do with the ball.

Perhaps realising that it was the officials making a horlicks of it that lead up to Green diving in, the referee handed out only a yellow card but taken in isolation, it was surely deserving of a straight red.

It was now, there were the turning points of the game for me.

BWP was brought down and from our angle it looked a cast iron, (no pun etc), 100% penalty.
The referee seemed to be agreeing as he had seen the foul but unfortunately he lacked the bottle to give the penalty.
It's amazing how many free kicks seem to be given on a patch of grass, no thicker than a paint roller.

Referee Chris Sarginson decided the offence had happened 'on the line' and the penalty appeals went unheeded.
A third goal would have killed off Scunthorpe but Charlton didn't seem to want to score it.

A pet hate of mine, and I know I'm not alone in this, is the time wasting short corner.

Most times, we end up either giving away possession through not being able to shield the ball well enough, or by just giving away a free kick.

It's been a pattern over the last 15 years or so.

Danny Green was all set to whip in another killer corner when suddenly he was encouraged to play it short to Dale Stephens.
Of course, they promptly lost the ball and we were on the back foot again.

The Doc came on to add some steel to the defence but it mattered not one jot.
The officials added 5 minutes of time which was more than enough for Scunthorpe to score their equaliser.

So, ten points from a possible twelve and still unbeaten is not a terrible record.
We are still in second place and the team will hopefully learn from this.

Personally, I would just like to hope there is enough of a public outcry over the stupid time wasting corners, that our players feel they can't do one again, unless it's in a cup final with 12 seconds to go.

There were still 7 minutes to play yesterday. Surely we should have been going for the third goal?

A Casual Rating.
After a week when he was all over the papers, supposedly going to Newcastle, then not, Rob Elliot could have been away with the fairies and not really concentrating.
The reverse was the case.
He pulled off some remarkable saves, (as did the Scunthorpe goalkeeper Lillis).

I'm awarding the Lacoste polo to Rob Elliot plus a second award for Jackson who quietly played a fantastic game.
The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is going to Danny Green.
We saw the best of him yesterday when he came on but we also saw the reason he missed the first game of the season through suspension.

Ref Watch.
Not a terrible performance individually but as a group, the officials weren't on the same wave length.
The East stand lino was especially poor. He could have helped the referee out on the 'penalty' but didn't and also was the main reason Green got so angry and could / should have been sent off.
The boos at the end for the referee are all part of the pantomime of football when your team haven't won but in this particular case, I don't think the referee will be looking back on the game with too much pride.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree about the time wasting corners.
Hate it when our team do them.
I know it's the team trying to be professional.but it sends the message that we've done enough and are content to sit on our lead.
It's only acceptable in the last minute of added in time.
NOT with 3 minutes plus added on time still to go.

Anonymous said...

the east stand lino seemed to be watching for offsides only and missed some very obvious throw in decisions because his eyes were solely on the back four line. we tried to advise him that we was making a pickle of things and called him a scamp, but he didn't seem to listen as his friends the fairies were off..

I think it was euell that was pulled down in the box rather than BWP - lino was stacking zzzs by then so he missed it.

Pembury Addick

Ken Jennings said...

Brilliant graphic, Marco :-))))