Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cherries Crushed.

Charlton Athletic 3 - AFC Bournemouth 0.
As the Bournemouth team were caught up in the 28 mile hold up on the M25 on Friday evening, I'd thought about titling this piece 'Cherry Jam'.

After witnessing the game yesterday, I think the Cherries need to fabricate a better excuse than being stuck on a luxury coach with Wi-Fi, Air Con, films and comfy seats for a couple of hours to paper over the obvious cracks in their side.

Last season, Bournemouth were a surprise package to everyone other than Bournemouth fans.
They played with purpose, stroked the ball about and caught other teams on the break while playing with a really pleasing style.
The pleasing style of play remains but, (on this one game of evidence), they now have absolutely no bite.

I'm struggling to think of a single, decent chance they created.
There was the possibility of a half, (quarter?) chance when Rob Elliott had to be fairly sharp off his line but after getting into a good position, their lad seemed to waste his moment and decided he'd rather have an appeal for a penalty by having a bit of a lie down.

It was the kind of decision that would only be given in favour of the striker perhaps one time in twenty, such was the feebleness of the claim. I'd add the chance of a penalty would be even less if playing for the away team but that was about it as far as Bournemouth were concerned.

Their supporters were seriously let down, especially as around 1200 had made the journey from Dorset.

As for Charlton?
Well, obviously this is purely on the evidence of a single game but I saw hints of us attempting to play more along the Brighton model from last season, and less along the school playground model we were treated to last term.

The team seemed so much more balanced.
Charlton never really looked in any danger, never needing to get out of second gear to repel the attacks and looked much more likely to score when moving forward.

The game was played in a good spirit, despite Wiggins being abused by his ex supporters every time he came near to the ball.

I really can't think of any contentious issues and it must have been a very easy fixture to referee.

When the game started running away from Bournemouth, they got frustrated and gave away some yellow cards and free kicks but they were just so obvious there was no point in complaining, which to their credit they didn't.

The Charlton goals were all the kind we were rarely treated to last season.
The first, a really well worked effort by Dale Stephens on his debut, owed plenty to the industry of Chris Solly who robbed the ball and sped forward, fed BWP who crossed for Stephens to score.

The second goal, which really knocked the wind out of the visitors sails, came soon after the break and ended a 5 minute spell when the Cherries had looked a little more enthused.
They came crashing down with a bump when Waggy sent in a screamer from outside the box, taken on the volley using the outside of his boot.

The final goal came from a well taken penalty, stuffed into the net by new captain Jackson.
BWP had twisted and turned, beaten his man and we were already up on our feet, such was our certainty he was about to score.
He was brought down with a very clumsy challenge that the referee didn't hesitate to punish, or the defenders bother to moan about.

So, a fantastic start to the season.
 Top of the league, (using the advantage of alphabetical order!)

It won't all be like this of course, which is why we must enjoy these games when they arrive.
We are certainly going to get beaten many times this season, maybe even ending up on the receiving end of a 3-0 pasting but days like this are why we bother coming.

It was good to meet up with so many people before the game in the Rose of Denmark.
It was as recently as May when we were all last in there for the Hartlepool game but I sensed a very different feeling around the Addick-ted.

 Dare I say it? After being the home of possibly the worst vibes in the football league for the last 5 years, there now seems to be that glimmer of optimism poking through at Charlton.

A Casual Rating.

The Lacoste polo is being handed to Dale Stephens who was my Man Of The Match, though I also thought Hayes showed a good touch. Waggy of course scored a goal of the season contender and Morrison looked secure in defence.

Nobody had a stinker today so the Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is going to the East Stand lino, who seemed to be watching something completely different to the rest of us.
He gave Charlton throws when the ball had clearly come off our players and vice versa for Bournemouth.
The only crumb of comfort is that he didn't change the game and he was equally crud for both sides.

Ref Watch.
Mr A. Woolmer will never get an easier game than this one to swan about holding his whistle.
A solid, fair performance from him.

So, Reading on Tuesday.
We'll all be back again for that one won't we?


Anonymous said...

Can I just add what great lads the AFCB were before the game in the Rose of Denmark.
Friendly people.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that AFCB were unexpectedly very poor.
We will certainly have tougher tests this season.
Maybe some of our squad players will get a run out on Tuesday in the cup?
I'm looking forward to seeing Green.

ChicagoAddick said...

I still thought that Bournemouth looked to pass the ball and did it pretty well, albeit without any real bite. We will meet worse teams and plenty better.

Great to see you again on Saturday Marco.

Marco. said...

Good to see you too Chicago.
Hope you manage to get back for a few more games this season.

ChicagoAddick said...

Well I was going to be there tomorrow....