Monday, 5 September 2011

Can We Beat the Television Hoodoo?

Tonight we play Sheffield Wednesday at the Valley, under the lights with an unbeaten record behind us.
There's always something slightly special about evening games.
The crowd always seems that little bit more up for it and the spectacle on the pitch always seems just a little more exciting, even if it's a dull game.

I remember learning while doing Modern History A level, that Adolf Hitler would always prefer to have his speeches either at night, or indoors, under fierce lights to make himself seem that little bit more special.
He had some dodgy ideas but nobody can deny he knew how to make a speech.

Despite feeling quite excited about our ,(seemingly ever expanding), current crop of players and thinking we have the beginning of a team that might be able to grab a Play Off place at worst, I'm feeling a little worried.

Of course, we will lose eventually. Tonight may be that night, though not because of a superior Wednesday team but because over the last *(insert your own number here)* years, we have consistently saved our worst performances for the television cameras.

Can we put to bed this odd Charlton tradition?
I believe we've already poked the other Charlton oddity in the eye when we won at Bury.
(We always seemed to come away with less than we deserved in the North West).

So, what's going to happen tonight?
Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

We going to win marco!

Anonymous said...

2-2 draw for me.
Think Wednesday will be stronger than most Addicks believe.