Saturday, 30 April 2011

And Now, The End Is Near.

Warsaw 2 - Charlton Athletic 0.

In the spirit of all things Royal, (after yesterday's opportunity to find out we all fancy William's bride's sister), I'd like to copy one of her madge Elizabeth 2's famous lines and proclaim this season an 'annus horribilis'. 
(Stop giggling at the back)

When Nicky Bailey skied his spot kick to end last season at the Play Off semi stage, I assumed we would find it hard to repeat a top six position this year. I figured we'd lose most of our more appealing players to the circling vultures and they'd be replaced with journeymen of little ability. A mid table finish was to be expected.

I've been proved right of course but what I didn't expect, was to be teased into a mindset where I believed a repeat top six placing was ours for the taking. 
Only then, just at the point when we were beginning to believe again, there was a collapse of the most appalling magnitude to snatch the chance away and completely trample over our hopes for the team.

It could have been worse I suppose. 
All those gloating and braying Swindon fans, who showed their collective worst side as we trudged up Floyd Road after extra time and penalties on that warm evening last May, have actually plummeted deeper than us.
They finished last season as Play Off final runners up and finished this season relegated!

Today, a hardy bunch of around 500 Addicks, (many in fancy dress), visited the West Midlands for the last away game of the season.
A meaningless fixture for us but still important for the Bescot Boys as they seek to avoid the drop.

We've done everything we can to help Walsall's cause, allowing them to complete the double over us this season!

A minor positive is the Walsall victory condemns everybody's favourite cheating baskets Bristol Rovers to relegation.

I'd like to have done Dagenham a favour and piled the pressure on Walsall but it wasn't to be.

I experimented with the strength of my WiFI and followed the game using the CAFC player, while sitting on the grass outside.
I had a few tins of London Pride and the most recent Stuff magazine with me of which I was quite thankful as after an early Paul Benson chance, there didn't seem to be much for Charlton supporters to get excited about.
It would seem Walsall ran out worthy winners with Charlton failing to get going.
There may also have been some of this seasons regular 'comedy defending', depending upon which first hand report you believe.

Only one more game before we can pack this season away.
Roll on the Summer break.

I think we deserve it.

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Ken Jennings said...

Sums it all up very neatly, Marco. By the way...all is not have a great chance of jointly winning the Promotion Picks Prize on CAFC Picks! ;-)