Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just A Few Words.

Southampton 2 - Charlton Athletic 0.

I have an old mate who is a mad Saints fan.

Midway through the second half of our game down at St Mary's this evening he sent me a message.

"Sorry, you aren't very good...."

'Nuff said.

Onwards and upwards to the weekend and hopefully a better performance.


Ken Jennings said...

Marco: Did he mention his team was put together after all his club's creditors were shafted?

Marco. said...

I think we've all said that at some time Ken.
The Lambert purchase really annoyed me.
Going from being so poor they can't pay their bills/tax to buying a million pound player in around 3 weeks.

Doesn't alter the fact that we were beaten by a team far, far better than us though.

Ken Jennings said...

True enough.