Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bored Bored Bored!

I think I'm in danger of turning into Rik Mayall's character from The Young Ones.

I played the game and checked in online, performed my own security questionnaire last night and arrived with about 3 hours to spare.

Some bod checked my passport and another asked me to take off my shoes & belt but the cumulative time span was only around 10 minutes to get all this done.

I wish I'd not bothered.
At least it would have killed some time if I had some bureaucracy to entertain.

Since checking in, I've been wandering around Terminal 4 like one of the lost tribes of Israel.

I do love travelling and I don't mind doing it solo but sometimes I really do wonder why I spend so much time, killing time.

Not long to go now and I'll be on my way to NYC, one of my favourite places on the planet.

I've been many, many times and don't feel the need to hare about the tourist sights.

I'll enjoy catching up with old friends and experiencing the vibe you only get in the Big Apple.

Up, up & Away.


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Lucky s0d

newyorkaddick said...

I will be there 13th to 18th if u fancy a pint?