Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nearly There.

The fat lady is having her breakfast.

Only a few more hours to wait until she can finally open her great big throat and serenade us into our Summer break.

Charlton fans, it's been a right pig of a season.

Only one more gargantuan effort to drag ourselves to the Valley before we can have a rest from the tribulations and disappointments of Charlton Athletic.

Of course, I'll be back again next season.

Much like Paul McCartney, who is probably sitting at home with his thumbs aloft, a few bad experiences haven't put me off.

Recent seasons have ended on a high, (remember CP scoring?)
Perhaps the rain showers will cease and we'll see a final flourish of goals?

As Curbs used to say in his programme notes, I assume the team will want to "send us home happy".

It won't make one jot of difference and won't paper over the cracks but it might remind a few people to finally fill in their dusty old season ticket applications.

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Anonymous said...

roll on summer