Sunday, 8 May 2011

Up, Up & Away.

This afternoon, I headed out to Essex to enjoy a sight seeing flight over London.

It was a fantastic treat to view the city I call home from an unusual angle.

What amazes me is how close together everything seems when you're airbourne. 
We headed towards Dartford and joined the river above the bridge.

We flew over North West Kent, towards Greenwich and Docklands. 
Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the plane to get a good shot of the Valley but the Thames Barrier made it easy to spot.
Click on the picture above and you'll see a fairly good view of the Charlton area.

We then headed towards London Bridge and the Shard.
Even the more obvious tourist sights such as St Paul's Cathedral were mesmerising.

London looked beautiful.

The pilot was obviously a North London sports fan as he made a point of circling their football grounds.

The Emirates.
White Hart Lane.
After about 40 minutes we headed back to base.
Even the M25 looked gorgeous from above.

A most enjoyable trip.

It really wasn't easy to take pictures while being buffeted about. 
I tried to keep my photography to a minimum so I could just enjoy the flight, rather than observe it all through my iPhone screen.

I need to give a huge thanks to Sarah for organising the special experience for me.

Thanks babe.

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Dave said...

great results with an i-phone camera Marco. I once had a similar flight and took an SLR camera which kept auto-focusing on the plane's window! By the time I managed to get it to manual we had left the Valley!