Monday, 29 November 2010

On Strike.

The Tube Strike today in London has been a bit of a pain in the rear.

I don't actually make my way to work by tube but I was inconvenienced this morning by the overflow of extra traffic.

I must have been busy listening to Steve Brown, (being interviewed on Charlton Live last night), when the memo went around, stating the preferred route to work for disgruntled tube passengers was to go past my house by car.

It was SOOO busy.

It's always when you are running late isn't it?
I have decided to enter into the spirit of the times and have a bit of a strike myself.

I'm going to withdraw my support for Charlton Athletic when they take on Luton Town, at their place, on December 9th for the replay of the 2nd round F.A. Cup tie.

There. I've said it.

That'll show them.

Luton have offered Charlton 1500 tickets.
They also know that 500 would probably be enough.
Kenilworth Road is hardly the Camp Nou and unlikely to get many Addicks licking their lips in anticipation.

To try to make up for the lack of supporters, Luton have upped their prices to £12.

I for one am not prepared to put up with this kind of crushing of the common man.

I'm out!

This decision is a decision based on principle.

NO WAY is it connected to the fact I can sit in the warmth, on my own sofa, without the need to rush out of work and I can catch the game live on ESPN.

Sometimes you just have to make a stand.


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence.
I'm on strike that night too.

Hungry Ted said...

Perhaps you should change your blog title to 'Citizen Casual': Power To The People.

Then so be it...together we stand, devided we will sit in our own front rooms with a cup of warm something-or-another, glued to ESPN!

ChicagoAddick said...

I'm with you Foxie.

Miss Kish said...

Down with this sort of thing.

Marco. said...

(Careful now)
Down with this sort of thing!
(Careful now).