Thursday, 2 December 2010

England Not Corrupt Enough For FIFA.

England failed to land the 2018 World Cup this afternoon.

Despite having what was universally agreed to be the best existing set up, the best bid and the most high profile dignitaries, England United only attracted 2 votes, one of which was their own.

Many will blame the BBC for their hounding of FIFA members at a critical time.
The Sunday Times were also very keen for the same shady individuals to account for quite dubious practices.

Personally, I believe in a free press and shysters should be highlighted, even if we are wanting something from them.

It's fairly obvious FIFA aren't even remotely bothered about corruption or they wouldn't have handed the event to Russia.

It's highly likely now that the only major football tournament England will host in my lifetime will be Euro '96.
I'm now so glad I enjoyed that one and managed to witness the win over the Netherlands at (old) Wembley.

Sod you FIFA. 
I hope as much money as possible, (and our country raises millions and millions from football), now goes directly to charities, needy causes and grass roots projects and bypasses your greasy palms.

I can't wait for the next time Sepp Blatter arrives on these shores.
A warm reception?
You bet.

The final word comes from my friend Adam, who sent me his thoughts when he found out Qatar got the nod for hosting the 2022 World Cup.

 Glad to see a nation with a great footballing pedigree like Qatar get the finals in 2022. I think most people would agree their sporting heritage earns them the right to stage a finals and that it's got nothing to do with having vast sums of money. 


Anonymous said...

With Sepp Blatter & Michel Platini both very anti English, why are we surprised?
That we expected it be be a fair fight means we didn't understand the process of winning the world cup bid

Anonymous said...

Despite what people may think, the English media would love the World Cup to be held in England.
It should have been in 2018 if the vote was fair and based on the merits of all the bids as opposed to spite.

Now our press will go after FIFA with everything they have. There is plenty of documented proof showing that the organisation from Blatter downwards is corrupt to its core.
Those parts of the press who held back for fear of damaging our bid now have nothing to fear.
FIFA have made a grave error and do not appear to recognise it

Qatar in 2022.
Don't make me laugh.
They had the opportunity to win over the USA.
Blew it.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of the Russian league.
It's only inferior to the mighty Qatar league for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your moral compass is still working Marco.
I agree.
We need to highlight the crooks even if it means we miss out

Anonymous said...

We all know that if you scan the bank accounts of Jack Warner and all his family and friends in about 6 months or 12 months time,
amazingly they will have come into some money

just like Chelsea did ...... oh look......funnily enough its from the same place

Ken Jennings said...

Anon #2 I am hoping you are right. Let's see our press actually go for the jugular and bring down the house of bribes.

Anon #5 Jack Warner is a disgrace to Dock Green. He controls at least three votes and I would bet the farm that he was one of those that looked our future King in the eye and said, "I Will". Of course the fact that he has been exposed by English journalists for purloining wodges of World Cup Final tickets for ticket touts has nothing to do with it.

Bent Bent Bent (and I don't mean Darren. - Or Marcus)

Anonymous said...

Marco. said...

Thanks for the input everyone.
I now feel this was FIFA trying to put England in their place.
The best bid is irrelevant.
England is the home of football, has the most watched league and is therefore seen as arrogant.

It must be noted that the new 'policy' of giving the World Cup to places who are not the obvious candidates only started after Platini & Blatter got to enjoy a World Cup in France.