Monday, 27 December 2010


  It seems ages and ages since I last saw Charlton play.

Brentford away in the Johnny Paintdrying Cup, (14th December), was our last get together on a cold and ultimately success free evening.

Had I known then when I returned home, that I could well have just seen our last game of 2010 I'd have been amazed.

I'm due to be at Brighton later this week but I really can't see the, (ahem), 'facilities' of the Withdean holding up to another drop in temperatures.

Yesterday I'm sure the game could have gone ahead.
Everybody except referee Andy D'Urso seemed to believe the pitch was playable.

However, the game was off, only about 40 minutes before the scheduled kick off.

For me, this was little more than annoying as I'm a local but for the Saints fans who had made the (public transport free) trek and our supporters from far flung Kent and beyond it must have been bitterly disappointing.

I'm sure there was a resounding chorus of 'Bum!' from many who had given up family days to be at the Valley.


Confidential Rick said...

Absolutely Marco, ridiculous. Lot's of angry fans from both camps in the ROD at midday which seemed to lead to trouble which required the police to join in. Absurd decision.

miss kish said...


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

There were no comments as polite as "Bum" in any of the 3 cars my party needed to assemble in SE7 from various parts of Kent, London and Oxfordshire, yes Mr D'Urso Oxfordshire. D'Urso always has been a blight on English football. If I'd seen he was the appointed 'official' I wouldn't have gone anyway - games with him are only ever about him and nothing to do with football. He only made one catastrophically wrong decision yesterday which is about a dozen fewer than he usually manages in 90 odd minutes.
The cobblers about the touchline one linesman would have patrolled just don't add up. Could the linesmen not have operated in the other halves of the pitch or is D'Urso so up himself that he can only work with his assistants one way around? A frosty top would soon have taken a stud with judicious application of salt, just as our Paddy provided.
D'Urso should personally refund all the would be attendees who will be unable to make the rearranged mid-week evening fixture and all of our futile travel costs. And he should be sacked he is a farce.

Anonymous said...

Nice bum!