Sunday, 19 December 2010

Britain Closes Down.

It's the second day of Operation Veg Out.

Yesterday, our world went white again, leaving only the most foolhardy outside for anything other than leisure activities.

On a brief walk, I witnessed 2 car accidents which only consolidated my decision to stay close to home.

The buzz word just now is 'treacherous', be it describing the paths for pedestrians or the roads for drivers.

Of course, everywhere does look beautiful.
This was Saturday morning:

This was Saturday evening:
I've been using my time quite unwisely by holding my own private film festival.
Yesterday was Chevy Chase Day.

Today I intend to have my annual chuckle at National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, even if it's just for this toe curling moment.

Whatever you end up doing, keep safe and take it easy. 

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Anonymous said...

I love Chevy Chase too.
I like Three Amigos