Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seaside Special.

Southend United 0 - Charlton Athletic 1.

Our heroes have now made it through to the Southern Section, Semi Final of the Paint Drying Cup.


Strangely, the further we progress in the competition, the less I feel inclined to mock it.

Another win and I'll be straight down to Wicks to get me some paint for the living room.

I listened in on the CAFCplayer service where Big Dave Lockwood was passing judgement on proceedings along with some other feller who shared a pwesenting style with Jonathon Woss.

We all know that Dave didn't go on to make some prank telephone calls to Andrew Sachs after the game, (with his new mate), as we were treated to them both discussing their travel arrangements home, soon after the final whistle.
I was pleased Dave was offered a lift and that they didn't mind waiting for him!

The game itself didn't sound as if it was a classic but there was a fair amount of noise coming from over 1000 Addicks who had made the journey into Essex.

BDL seemed to know more about the Charlton side than his co- host but both went into raptures when 'Semedo' scored.

Those of us listening in, soon smelled a rat as the twitterers inside the ground were commenting on the tremendous strike by Racon and Sky Sports was also giving the goal to Racon / Wackan.

The second half wasn't as comfortable listening as the first.

Southend came more into the game and it did sound as if we were possibly lucky not to lose Semedo for a second yellow card, as well as the referee denying 2 fairly good shouts for Southend penalties.

We have had some awful luck with officials this year so maybe this was one of those 'evening out' games the pundits are so fond of telling us about.

Well done to the team and Parky.

A Casual Rating.

Ref Watch: As I've hinted above, from the sound of it, Southend were unfortunate with some of the official's decisions.
At one stage it did seem as if the referee was going to send Semedo off for the second time this season, (He also sent him off against Bournemouth). He was let off with a finger wag and Parky swapped him within minutes as the next tackle he made was bound to be the start of a long walk towards the Imperial Leather in the changing rooms.

The Lacoste polo is going to Robbie Elliott as he sounded to be fairly busy, especially late on. Another clean sheet must do wonders for the confidence in the defence.

The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is staying in the cupboard this time.
It would seem churlish to single anybody out after a win, especially when in a cup competition, it's all about the result.

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