Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pirates Steal A Point

Charlton Athletic 1 - Bristol Rovers 1.

The Pirates of Bristol were most fortunate to escape South East London with a point this evening.

The Addicks were in control for most of the first half and did everything but score.
There were some missed opportunities and errant final balls but the main reason Charlton didn't return to the changing rooms at half time, at least a couple of goals up, was the superlative Bristol goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen.

The second half was much the same.
Charlton pressed for the opening goal but it was Rovers who broke the deadlock.
Wayne Brown shot from distance, hard and straight.
Possibly Rob Elliott was unsighted as he seemed to move late to stop the long shot.
It settled in the net and momentarily the Addick's heads dropped.

Charlton rapidly returned to plugging away but it seemed Andersen was not going to be beaten.

Eventually, Kyel Reid smashed a low, powerful cross into the six yard box and the ball ended up in the Bristol net.
It looked to have cannoned in off Paul Benson but the Valley announcer credited Kyel Reid.
There were looks of amazement all round but frankly we were just happy to have reached parity, whoever had scored the goal.

Charlton really went for it, trying to grab another late winner but Andersen had other ideas.
I was already up and out of my seat when an Alan McCormack rocket shot left his boot but yet again, Andersen stuck out an arm to deny.

The final chance was gone and the run of league wins has ended, (though still no losses since the seminal Brighton game).

Casual Rating
This game should most certainly have been won but wasn't. On Saturday a draw would have been fair yet we won.
it was an open game and though it wasn't a classic, it was enjoyable on a cold, miserable night.

The Lacoste polo shirt is going to the Bristol 'keeper Andersen. He wasn't quite up to the standards of Rob Elliott last week against Barnet but he did shape the game.
He earned the visitors a point by doing his job admirably.

Both teams played the game in a good spirit so no Primark novelty slogan tee shirt this time.

The referee, though seemingly not fussed in the slightest by the infuriating Rovers time wasting, had a game where he didn't really have to do much.
He therefore avoids any potential wrath from me.


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

I thought Wagstaff squandered too many good opportunities his crossing in particular was poor. Francis did ok defensively but moving forward he was woeful with hardly a pass finding its target and possession conceded too many times to count. Everybody gave of their best and 99 times out of a hundred that performance would defeat all other teams in this division, unless Mikkel Andersen is in goal, he stopped 3 sure goals. Overall pretty good, onwards and upward, even with a slightly different looking side on Saturday I reckon Luton will have their work cut out keeping up.
CA you should award yourself a Lacoste polo each season for services to quality blogging that doesn't take itself too seriously, rare indeed.

Marco. said...

Much appreciated SCM.

Marco. said...

Bugger, I meant ' SCN. '
My fingers are too big for this keyboard !

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Anyone who saw who was responsible for the despicable north stand coin throwing incident on Tuesday is honour bound to disclose all details to the club without delay. The contemptible individual responsible has to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and banned from all football forever, this behaviour is unacceptable and unforgivable. If anyone witnessed the incident and keeps quiet they are just as bad as the perpetrator.

Marco. said...

I think we'd all have to agree with that.