Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh My God I Can't Believe It, We've Never Been This Good Away From Home!

Posh 1- Charlton Athletic 5.

Nothing more to add.
Life is full of 'ups & downs'.
This was certainly an 'up'.

A perfect afternoon, (other than the CAFCplayer service giving us a second opportunity to honour our war dead, with a further minute of silence.)
It was a shame the extra silence was while our first penalty of the season was being taken but Emma let us know soon enough that we were 1-0 up after the short break.

1-0 soon became 4-0.
A slight wobble made the score 4-1, before Peterborough completely imploded for a full time score of 5-1.


Stop reading this and go out and celebrate.

Casual Rating.
Everyone- players, staff and fans can have a Lacoste polo!

Life is too short to moan after days like these.

(Sing along)


Anonymous said...

Love the headline!
Parky out? We've travelled a long way since Brighton at home.


Anonymous said...

You were lucky. The CAFC player 'service' refused to let me sign in.

Marco. said...

I can't sign in today.
Email & tell them they are rubbish.