Saturday, 29 January 2011

What a Carry On.

Jim Dale more like.
What a ****ing Carry On.

We heard the annoying news this morning, while hundreds of Charlton supporters were either midway through their journey to the grim north, or in a few cases, already there.

Yes, Rochdale have cried off, citing the frozen pitch excuse.

In fairness to Rochdale, they would most certainly have preferred to play today, if only for the large away following and extra pie sales they would have experienced.

A mid week game so far from home is really only for the stalwarts and northern based supporters. It won't be a particularly good away following at the (next) rearranged game unless it is to be on a Saturday.

Yesterday afternoon I had decided to visit Spotland today.
By the time I hit the sack, I was really not as sure.
It's a long drive and I have plenty to do this weekend.

What a lucky break to fall asleep thinking, "Naaah, I'll leave it this time."

So, here we go again.
Third time lucky?
Let's all hope so.

Our opportunity to build on last weekend has been lost but maybe the team will now be a little fresher on Tuesday?

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Anonymous said...

Carry on rearranging?