Sunday, 2 January 2011


A Happy New Year from me.

Despite Charlton being away at bogey club Colchester on New Year's Day, we spent the afternoon at the Kent coast, blowing away the cobwebs at Whitstable.

We were woken fairly early by TC, who purred us into action for the day.
We arrived at Whitstable and went straight for some fortifying local oysters, adding a mixture of lemon juice, tabasco and red wine vinegar.
Later it was chips on the beach.

followed by a Flat White, tea and Black Forest cup cakes.
We arrived home in time to hear, via the CAFCTV player, the last 25 minutes of our game at North Essex.
It finished Colchester United 3 - Charlton Athletic 3.

It would seem that Paul Benson was extremely hard done by to have his 'winner' chalked off and also to receive a straight red card.
Charlton will be appealing the red card decision, hopefully enabling him to be free for next weeks fun and games at White Hart Lane.

I really can't remember the last time Charlton were successful with an appeal.
I can remember Sankofa having an extra game added to his ban back in the Premiership days, (due to the appeal being labelled as 'frivolous' by the stuffed suits with no interest outside the Sky Big 4). 

We always seem to be shafted when it comes to asking the authorities to look again.
Maybe our new regime will be a turning point?

Less 'Minty' Murray and more 'Kat' Slater needed perhaps?
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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.
I enjoy reading your stuff.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

bloody disgusting mate

Anonymous said...

yes i agree they ARE bloody disgusting!!

ChicagoAddick said...

You're still addicted to those Flat Whites I see? Happy New Year Marco.

Martin said...

I salute you for keeping those oysters down, but the thought of chips on the beach on a cold day is very appealing. Happy New Year - see you at the Valley later.

Miss Kish said...

Try the tempura prawns or the Calamari too Marco. Went to Whitstable yesterday, nice cup of Chai Latte too. Wish I had gone there today instead of the match!!!