Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Results of Parky's Chat With The New Owners.


Hermann Munster said...

If that rotten little cabdriver thumping squirt gets the job from his good mate Tony then we might as well pack up and find something less costly and frustrating to do with our Saturday afternoons.

Anonymous said...

No to Dennis Wise.

I think I speak for all if us.

Miss Kish said...

Don't want Wise. Even if he did perform miracles with our club there is no way I would sing his praises.
Dennis Wise's Red and White Army,,,,, I hope not.

Marco. said...

However hard it was for Parky to win over the supporters due to his association with Pardew, it'd be considered a piece of cake when compared to the efforts Dennis Wise would have to make.
I imagine 95% of Addicks agree with Miss Kish.