Thursday, 13 January 2011

Chris Who?

The nicest man in football, that's who!

I've never been prouder of a Charlton player than when I saw that 'our' Chris Powell had been picked for England.

Many in the country were bemused but we knew it was thoroughly deserved.

Reports that started with more than a slight whiff of a wind up, have now moved on at such a pace, that organisations such as the BBC and The Mirror are all claiming that Sir Christopher Powell is to be the next man in the Valley hot seat.

Chris Powell has been popular wherever he has been. He's just one of those likeable characters everyone seems to warm to.

He hasn't got much experience as a manager, - just a caretaking role at Leicester while they were finalising their aquisition of Sven.

However, he's worked with a number of managers of differing styles so he must have picked up some decent nuggets of information over the years, even if it's just how not to do things.

If as seems to be the case, Chrissie does return, it'll be a very smart move by our new owners.

Nothing could have smoothed the transition between the 'old' regime and the 'new' one better than a 100% fans favourite being brought back.

Other rumours have hinted that Dean Keily might also be coming!

Now that's just the icing on it.


Martin said...

This will really lift the atmosphere at the Valley and we will start to winat home again. I liked Parky but the crowd never warmed to him, probably because of his association with Pardew. The nasty atmosphere at the Valley recently has paralyser the players and cost us points.

Anonymous said...

A farcical decision.
It's a massive gamble we may regret heavily.

Marco. said...

We may well regret Chris Powell returning as manager.
However, nobody can pretend Dowie, Reed, Pardew and even Parky who was working under very difficult circumstances were run away successes.
All managers are a gamble of sorts.
At least with CP he won't have to win over the supporters.

I'd hate it if he tarnished his 'hero' status but its not always the case.
Leeds United gave managerial roles to Alan Clarke Billy Bremner et al yet they retain their 'status' from their playing days.

Cautious optimism from me.