Sunday, 29 November 2009

Brighton (away)

Due to an unfortunate case of diary congestion, I won't be anywhere near 'Sussex by the Sea' on Tuesday evening.

I had decided a few weeks ago that I was going to speed down to Brighton on Tuesday evening and mingle with the home support. I didn't manage to get one of few the Charlton tickets available.

Last Monday, I had a bit of a shock when I was asked for the final installment of the cash needed for our staff Christmas 'do'.
We are, I was 'reminded', heading out for a meal in Bexleyheath on Tuesday evening.


I really hadn't noticed the clash before then but as I'm already over £30 down, Brighton can do without me.
I do like the people I work with but my attention won't be fully on the festivities.

My main concern for our game against Brighton is the number of players edging towards a ban if they pick up a yellow card, (five players according to Ketts).

I'm also wondering who will be playing in goal.
Is Rob Elliot back to being fit and well or will (the now completely ostracised) Randolph be between the sticks?

The last few games have seen more belief and a positive style of play that should be too much for Brighton.
Our renewed ability to tuck the ball away, after a period of not looking like we were ever going to score again, has seen 10 goals scored in the last 3 games, though one of those was a penalty.

I shall be following the game using the iFooty app on my iPhone. There is around a 5 minute delay so I'll be the last to know but I expect to feel my pocket vibrate at least twice to tell me that Charlton have scored.
I'm feeling positive about this one and I can see our first away win in 'yonks'.

Party on!!


Ketts said...

Enjoy the 'do' CC, we will miss your company tomorrow. Floyd is making his first League appearance of the season!

Don't worry about a five minute delay, I will vibrate your groin as soon as/if we score/concede!!

I am still trying to work out the keeper situation & am holding off doing a preview, hoping things will become clearer. Right-back needs clarification as well.

This must be the earliest Christmas do in history, unless the readers know differently...

Marco. said...

It IS unbelievably early for a Christmas do. Only just into December!
Have fun on the coast Ketts- I'll think of you as I'm supping fine wines and eating luxurious food, (maybe).

Ken Jennings said...

A North American mega-store chain called 'The Brick', started their 'Boxing Day' sale this past weekend, fer crissakes! So by comparison, Marco, your staff 'do' might seem quite timely!

Besides, it must be tough to get a reservation at a fine dining restaurant in Bexleyheath ;-)