Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Saints Alive

I'm really far too busy to be thinking about a third rate cup competition but our fixture tonight gives an opportunity to regain some belief in the camp.

Tonight's game against the formerly 'Super' Alan Pardew and his Southampton Saints is a chance to get back up again, dust down our trousers and jump back into the fray with renewed vigour.
Playing against our old manager might be important for many supporters but I'm sure that Parky is even more desperate to get the good ship Charlton back on course against his old boss.

I'm not saying we have to win, though of course that would be fantastic. What I am requesting is a performance showing at least a modicum of commitment and some evidence the team have worked together and not been introduced for the first time while sitting on the bus to the stadium.

McLeod will be serving the first of his 3 games out for his assault on Sunday. This does leave our forward options fairly light weight. Even had he been able to play, McLeod had lost the support of many Addicks after his cowardly act at the weekend. Many would argue we may be better off without him anyway.

I don't know how many of our supporters are heading down to Hampshire but I can't imagine it will be many. The events on Sunday will not have made anyone decide to go on a whim, so it will only be those who bought tickets last week I suppose. The game being broadcast from a living room or pub near you will have also made staying at home the very easy option.

After not being on television for ages we are now on twice in a week.
It's a chance for our team to show the wider public that they are, for the most part, players who are more than just the unfortunates in a 'giant killing' headline.

C'mon you reds. I want to feel good again at the end of a game.

As I said above, it's not all about the result, I want some PASSION!

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Anonymous said...

Ever in hope Marco! Hope post-ofsted it has calmed down somewhat. Over in my neck of the woods it ain't because we are now in notice to improve with ISP on our backs. Oh happy days!Miss Kish