Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Hand of Frog.

I've always admired Thierry Henry.

He seemed an honorable kind of player when he was frequently interviewed on MOTD, while at Arsenal.
He has an easy charm that mixes perfectly with his fantastic skills.

Unfortunately, his name will now be linked, alongside the disgraced Diego Maradona, as a World Cup handball cheater.

It was all very cruel on the Oirish. They deserved better.

So, a huge BOOOO to Thierry Henry and the French team.

I hope they lose every game in South Africa.


Ketts said...

The stakes were too high for honour I guess Marco. Thierry is a fantastic player but last night was not his finest hour.

Having said that, if Burton does something similar at Oldham on the last day of the season to secure promotion, will any of us honestly give a monkey's?

If Henry had not done that, and the game had gone to penalties, I would have strongly fancied the French.

Think the officials could have done better too, it was hardly subtle was it?

Anonymous said...

The Irish should have been 0-3 up before the French even got a sniff. What were Duff and Keane playing at in the second half.

Anonymous said...

Great Headline, Marco!


Anonymous said...

If the whole world sees it Ketts, then yes - I'll care. Henry honourable Marco? How many times did you see him dive? Once a cheat, always a cheat. Without doubt talented, but from a female perspective the 'easy charm' is just slimy Frenchness. I always found his lack of goal celebration irritating - miserable g** - but I know admirers thought it was cool. Not this sound London girl.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the stupidity of football's rulers.
Instant video replay would have sorted out the problem. But the Luddites will not budge!

Marco. said...

Thanks Crispy!
Ketts- I think I would care if Burton did the same thing. We would have worked hard all season, only to be remembered for the cheating. Also, if the analogy is to be correct, the other team would have to be denied promotion due to the handball. Last night both teams could have made it to the WC finals. I'm asuming our final game won't be a similar situation but you never can tell!

I've obviously missed something re: Henry.
I thought that most people were shocked, partly because he was thought of as a
'good egg'. I don't remember him diving or cheating blatently but I suppose, as a forward, there must have been times when he 'went down easily'.
His old partner Pires was terrible though. I recall many times, not least when he launched himself into space to win a penalty and scrape a draw against Portsmouth. This was really early in their 'invincible' season and without it they would gave lost.

I agree with Daggs that technology is the answer. We don't want new rules. We just want the old ones to be policed properly. Losing is much easier to swallow if it was due to a correct decision. Much harder if you have had some dodgy decisions go against you. We only want the 'right' calls. Surely that's possible in this day and technological age?