Saturday, 5 December 2009

Happy Anniversary

The 5th of December 1992.
The day Charlton Athletic came home after being nomads, taking in a hated period at Palace and then a briefer period at West Ham.

That first game back at the Valley went ahead without me but I have seen some fantastic games on or around the anniversary since then.

Others will have their own favourites but my most cherished memory was at Selhurst Park on Sunday 5th December 2004.
Despite conceding a penalty, (saved by Deano, fluffed by Johnson), and our team being dressed as canaries, a fantastic last minute strike from Dennis Rommedahl sent our extremely vocal and packed section of the cowshed into raptures.

Even managing to sit in a carriage back to London Bridge that was completely full nigels, who had 'taken it badly', and then stepping in dog shit while walking home from the station didn't ruin a perfect Sunday evening.

We aren't the only people who are casting an eye towards the events of 1992.
The world's 'First Couple' celebrated their own 17th wedding anniversary only a few weeks ago.
Hats off to Mr and Mrs Obama but I don't think I'll be buying the book.

Today the lambs to the slaughter are Southend United.
I'm never, ever completely confident about Charlton Athletic but today I've woken up feeling full of optimism.
This could be to do with a) Having my 'flu jab yesterday afternoon. (I'll have anything for free). b) spending last night at 'Up the Creek' in Greenwich. c) Having just finished the mother of all breakfasts.

I feel if we can nullify the threat of 'goal machine' Lee Barnard, then we are on the way to victory. I'm anxious to see how Nicky Bailey performs against his old mates. If he scores, will he go haring towards the Jimmy Seed stand to give them some in the fashion of Adebayor while playing for Manchester City against Arsenal or will he just stand still with his head down, looking all apologetic?

Come On You Reds!

p.s. Welcome home to New York Addick.

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Anonymous said...

lambs to the slaughter?
if we don't win you are going to look a bit silly