Thursday, 17 December 2009

Police Leave Cancelled

The cold snap being experienced in South East London has completely ruined the Met's efforts to keep an eye on our friendly neighbours from Bermondsey on Saturday.

Government scientists have predicted that "around 84%" of Millwall supporters will own a coat and of the 16% left over, most will own some form of heavy sweater, or will have 'borrowed' one from their big brother before the weekend.

The Met have been thrown into chaos as the wearing of outer garments will make it impossible to see the regulation dodgy pink shirts that Millwall supporters are forced to wear.

"It's all gone pear shaped" remarked W.P.C. Nicola Bailey.
"We have received intelligence that many Millwall supporters have even gone so far as to purchase gloves in an attempt to hide the hand tattoos, acquired in double maths last year".

Charlton supporters have been encouraged to stay at home with their flasks.
"It's better to be safe than sorry", continued W.P.C. Bailey. "Those Millwall fans can be a nasty bunch, especially if they arrive home late from their paper rounds and miss the start of Soccer A.M"


Anonymous said...

We will have you whatever we wear.

CAFC said...

Is that 'have' in a sexual way? You bunch of bummers....

Charry Rips said...

Looks like we will have more Spanners at the Valley than bother to go to the 'New' (rust bucket)Den. Must be nice for them to play at a proper ground for a change. Let's hope for a good game played in a convivial atmosphere and that we don't humiliate them more than is necessary to take the points.
At least Eltham High Street will be devoid of pitbulls for the afternoon.

StoneMuse said...

LOL, nice one Marco