Sunday, 10 November 2013

We Will Remember Them

Once a year, (though really it should be much more often than that), I am reminded how trivial my day to day life really is.

As much as I enjoy filling days with thoughts about the fortunes of my local football team, Adidas trainers, 80's casual brands, searching out the best coffee in London and listening to music that makes me feel fine, it's all a bit meaningless.

Today being Remembrance Sunday, it is the time we bring to mind those who have fought in wars both recent and not so recent.

As I've got older it's become more and more pertinent to me.

As a small boy, I would go on parade wearing my Cub Scout uniform but I didn't really understand.

Now, I can look back at family photographs and hear tales of young men who died without reaching even half my current age.

What a waste.

I imagine most families in this country will have been touched by somebody close perishing in battle.

Today, I am particularly remembering Grandad Roy and Uncle Reginald.

Roy trained at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich and was killed on a depth charged submarine, HMS Sterlet, 18th April 1940, during WW2.
Grandad Roy, back centre 
Roy, a few months before being killed.

Reginald was injured in WW1 and sent home to recover.
Unfortunately, his lungs had been so badly wrecked by gas he died soon afterwards.

We Will Remember Them


Phil said...

Well said Marco. It serves as a reminder and puts things into perspective as you say. We must never forget.

Anonymous said...

RIP to all the brave men and women who have lost their lives serving in the armed forces.