Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ref'll Fix It

"Yooooorkshire. We are Leeds etc etc".
Charlton Athletic 2 - Leeds United 4
It's quite difficult to write this without coming across as a bitter old bloke, who can't accept it when his team is beaten.

As supporters of Charlton, we are unlike the supporters of the Sky 6, so we are quite used to taking defeat on the chin.

Today felt different though.

It's possible to be the better team, yet lose, at least in part due to odd decisions by an incompetent referee.

I was already in a stinking mood when I got to the Valley.

I'd only realised the game was having a delayed start due to a waterlogged pitch as I was walking from home, approaching the Valley Cafe on Charlton Church Lane.

At this road junction, coming down Delafield Road,  I witnessed a young lad having his Charlton scarf forcibly removed from around his neck, then the cowards run off with it into a laughing mass of northern bell ends.

Within seconds, I then saw two older ladies, (both looking to be in their seventies), being surrounded by drunken yobs with arms outstretched, beer bottles in hand, chanting "Yorkshire" in their faces.

It's safe to say Leeds United supporters were playing (down) to their reputation as a pathetic copy of our close neighbours from Bermondsey.

The game will be remembered for Ross McCormack scoring 4 goals but what it really should be remembered for is an appalling case of officiating.

I cannot deny McCormack took his goals well.
He is just the kind of player our potless club desperately needs but finances dictate it is a pipe dream.

Unfortunately, only his first goal wasn't somewhat 'ref assisted'.

Charlton equalised with a fantastic screamer from Stewart and at that point it looked as if there was only going to be one winner.
The Addicks were on a roll.

Charlton had been denied a cast iron penalty in the first half when Church was clipped running onto a goal scoring opportunity.
He had no reason to go down. It was as clear as day yet our Leeds supporting referee saw it differently and waved play on.

Within moments of the second half starting, in almost the same position as the Church incident, there was an almighty dive without much help from a timid challenge, yet our Yorky approved ref pointed to the spot.

Charlton equalised again after tremendous work down the left from Church, crossing for Jackson to poke the ball home.

Unfortunately, Leeds only had to get the ball back into the Charlton half for them to be awarded a dodgy free kick.
It had all the hallmarks of the kind of awful decision that gets chewed over in the pub afterwards and discussed by pundits.
Bad decision leading to goal.

Exactly that dreaded scenario occurred, with McCormack bagging his hat trick, though why Hamer decided to watch events rather than getting stuck in I have no idea.
Inside the 6 yard box he should be claiming everything but he may as well have not been there.

Leeds were highly fortunate to be in front, yet worse was to come.

In added on time, Leeds won another free kick. The 'offence' was a good 5 yards outside the area yet the Leeds Tom Daly ended up well inside the box, safe in the knowledge his pal would give him a penalty.

He looked shocked when he only received a free kick.

At 3-2 down, within added on time, we were all feeling cheated as we knew the better team hadn't prevailed.

That all changed though when McCormack scored his final goal, direct from the free kick.
That's a thumping surely?
A wonderful strike, yet Hamer really could have done much better.

 Hamer didn't really have much to do today except pick the ball out of the net.
He wasn't called on to make any saves, unlike Kenny in the Leeds goal who made at least 2 world class stops and also saw his woodwork rattled.

It was one of those days today.
Our team played well and deserved better.

Leeds and their nauseating followers can head back up to Yorkshire, (or Sussex etc according to their flags) full of the joys associated with an away win.

They didn't deserve it but they won't care a hoot.
An away win is always the best kind of win.
Scoring 4 goals isn't something that happens regularly either so they'll be full of it.

Charlton can take solace from playing well, against 12 men.
We deserved to take at least a point despite what resembles an emphatic beating when seen purely as a result.

Maybe we will be allowed to bring our own ref to the game up at Elland Road?


Da Fifa King said...

I have never seen such a poor display from officials, when that final goal went in; I threw my hat to the floor in anger. 'Dirty Leeds'

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Jimmy Saville references are appropriate?

Marco. said...

He was famous for 'Fixing' things and he was from Yorkshire.
That's the link.
If you want to read something else into it that's your decision.

Anonymous said...

Bitter and twisted comes to mind you had more possesion but its where u have it as it always looks pretty in your own half as your build up play was like a team you will end playing next year league 1 standard and as for your support well piss poor comes to mind and penalty wad a pen as he went through the back of him and how can you blame hamer for our 4th goal as most keepers would have been no where near it.joke team,joke support,joke ground all in all tin pot comes to mind.....:-)

Marco. said...
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Marco. said...

Ah, thanks for popping by Arkwright. Your words are the work of a pure wordsmith and put me to shame. It must be lovely to support a 'big' team, with no competition in your own city. Considering the level we find ourselves at and the nearby world class entertainment and footballing options floating supporters could choose instead of a visit to the Valley, I'd say attracting the crowds we do is pretty good. This of course is 'piss poor' by Northern standards, especially when you have that big decision between a visit to Elland Road or a trip to the chippy. One final point. Do they have full stops up north or are they just for us southern shandy drinking bed wetters? M.

Anonymous said...

You are a sad deluded southern idiot and because you have been beaten by a far bigger superior club you need to write this load of lies

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you've got no fans. You had enough free kicks given your way as well. Possession and stats don't win you games, goals do. WE ARE LEEDS WE ARE LEEDS WE ARE LEEDS.

Anonymous said...

Most bias blog I have ever read. Stop crying and just support your team. These Leeds fans are making you look daft ^

Marco. said...

Another Northern Bamber Gascoigne puts me well in my place.

We have precisely 'no fans'.
Why this should bother a club we have no rivalry or history with is beyond me.

Marco. said...

I'm amazed anybody would be surprised that a blog about Charlton, written by a Charlton fan, for fun, for the enjoyment and entertainment of other Charlton fans, reports what Charlton supporters were saying throughout and after a game.
It's not important.
We love our club.
We felt shafted - we moaned about it at the time and in the pubs afterwards.
We agreed McCormack was a class act and beyond anyone we can afford.
We agreed the referee had a mare.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

Charlton 12
Leeds 13

Charlton 2
Leeds 2

Shots on Target
Charlton 4
Leeds 4

Charlton were the home team and didn't play badly. They had a lot of possession, but to be expected from the home team.

Leeds took their chances well and defended better. So on the day, the better team won.

This blog is purely sour grapes, here to antagonize and get a few hits on a page that has probably had more hits because the author has wrote something about Leeds, than they have ever had before.

john turton said...

Jealousy is a wonderful thing isn't it. You southern shandy drinkers should concentrate on your own clubs poor performance rather than ours. Leeds have a decent record 'darn souff' at your little tin pot ground. So this result was to be expected in fairness.

As for the Jimmy Saville link, we'll that just blows any little bit of credit (and it was a little bit) this report had. The writer makes reference to Leeds fans at the start, picking on a little kid and bullying 2 old women then puts up that link. As you cockenys say...... fick as shit.

Remember, as you were chanting, we're not famous anymore!!!!!

See you at Elland Road, if you've got the 'minerals'. As your hero Danny Dyer might say

Marco. said...

Thanks for your views John.
Historically Leeds have quite a good record in the South, yet before this weekend you have to go back 10 years to November 2003 to see a Leeds victory against Charlton, at the Valley or Elland Road.
Perhaps, on reflection, using a picture of JS was ill judged- though he wasn't mentioned in the text and it was purely to illustrate the Fixing we had all been complaining about.
I reiterate, the blog is for Charlton supporters for a bit of a laugh.
I didn't promote it in any way other than on the #cafc twitter hash tag and purposely didn't use #lufc.
Why supporters if another team would want to bother with my stuff I have no idea.

Big You Know Who said...

Can wi remind our northern friends that we are NOT Cockneys. Thanks you.

Anonymous said...

Tosser.. stop whining. We outplayed you, outscored you, outsung you... you're just not very good are you? WE ARE LEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco. said...

So, to summarise the views of the visitors to this blog from Leeds United
a) We are Leeds
b) Yorkshire!
c) I am a whining tosser with a bad case of sour grapes.
d) Due to having the good fortune of living on London, I'm a Cockney and therefore must be a bit thick.
e) Under no circumstances should I be allowed to post anything on my own blog written for Charlton supporters, that isn't ridiculously pro Leeds/Yorkshire, despite what nearly all of the Charlton support were saying post game.
f) Their ground is bigger than ours
g) Their fan base is bigger than anyone, ever.
h) Our club is tin pot, with no fans.
i) Not beating Charlton in 10 years is a 'pretty good record'.

Thanks for all the input.
I've deleted around 50 messages now from names I didn't recognise, mostly without reading them. If yours was a 'good' or well written comment and I deleted it then I'm sorry it didn't get published.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

When you have to start your own article by acknowledging that you will sound "bitter old bloke, who can't accept it when his team is beaten." you are already admitting you are wrong.

Marco. said...

English isn't your strong point is it?

Marco. said...

I really cannot believe I'm still getting abuse from the less literate members of the Leeds support.
Time to have a breather now chaps.
Go back to the paper rounds or worrying about your GCSE homework.

Anonymous said...

Cockerney coont

Marco. said...

There seems to be a pattern emerging. I've had around 30 comments today that were along the lines of the bloke with the Oscar Wildean wit above.
All been deleted.
Why bother?
I'm also impressed that it's possible to make two spelling mistakes in such a crisp, concise missive.

Anonymous said...

Where is Charlton anyway?
I've heard it's twinned with Wankershire

Marco. said...

I have to admit that one did make me smile

Anonymous said...