Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Loss

QPR 1 - Charlton Athletic 0.

A rather 'over the top' security arrangement meant many visitors were fearful of missing Kick Off but I think most supporters were in place by the time the players emerged from the tunnel.

This could have been so much worse from a Charlton perspective.

The wealth of experience and quality in the QPR squad made our hard working players look like a park team, yet it was just one moment of sublime skill that settled the encounter.

Charlie Austin really shouldn't be messing around in the Championship. 
It's highly likely he won't need to be playing second tier football next season and I for one wouldn't begrudge him the chance for MOTD to do a focus on him.

Austin's 30 yard belter was the kind of goal that is just perfect.
It was so good, it even raised the voices of the sleepy QPR support (momentarily).

QPR are hardly Barcelona or Manchester United yet their support seems to have settled into the complacent attitude of entitlement.
Why should they bother getting behind their team? 
They 'knew' they'd win anyway, so they sat back and watched their highly remunerated mercenaries, safe in the knowledge they didn't have to strain their throats.

The 1800 Addicks in the sold out away section were there to party, regardless of the result.
Many had traveled from South East London via interesting pub crawls and a sizeable 'crew' (ahem)  had made their way West by disco boat.
There was a definite whiff of 'eau de pissed bloke' in the air.

Crammed into the sold out, compact Loftus Road ground, it should have been a rip roaring London derby but other than when the away fans 'told' the home fans to sing, they weren't really interested.

'Arry, the current fella charged with burning his bum on the QPR managerial hot seat, was celebrating 30 years as a manager, so it was fitting he should be serenaded.

I'm certain he appreciated the reminders to pay his taxes and hearing his face resembles a scrotum.

Charlton huffed and puffed but had nothing in the final third.

I can't question the commitment and hard work from our team but the reality was, we were never going to score in open play. 
The best we could hope for was a dodgy penalty or a free kick in a dangerous area.

With many QPR fans already walking down South Africa Road, Charlton won a late free kick.

It was our glowing opportunity but Jackson was in more danger of hitting a Charlton supporter in the top tier than the back of Rob Green's net.

Green was reminded again and again how he had 'let his country down' which did seem a little harsh. It's unlikely he'll be that bothered though as he will rarely have had a lazier afternoon. 
His kit won't be needing a wash and he didn't have to make a single save of note.

Charlton were toothless going forwards. 
Church ran and ran but needed some help.

We all got excited when Yann Kermorgant was introduced, then crestfallen when we realised he was replacing Church.
Two players up front might have been able to do some damage but when Yann began winning headers (to flick onto himself?), it became clear nothing had changed.

Sordell came on with 5 minutes to go and the two attackers did look lively, but the game was already up.

QPR attempted to turn the screw. 
Shaun Wright Phillips late introduction was accompanied by the 'better than Shaun' song, only for him to respond by being extremely unlucky not to score, his shot bouncing off Ben Hamer's cross bar. 

A game we really could have lost by a shameful scoreline, in the end was fairly respectable.

It's now consigned to history and we can look forward to the visit of Doncaster on Tuesday.

We've had precious little fortune lately so a nice jammy victory would set us up for the visit of the Tractor Boys next weekend.

One final note.
I was disappointed not to see the Mexican(?) bloke wearing the sombrero in the QPR crowd. Maybe he was there and I didn't see him?
At previous visits to Loftus Road he was always an animated and good natured supporter who took the chanting aimed towards him with a beaming smile.

I do hope he's not been a casualty of the 'new' QPR regime or been priced out of football. 

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Anonymous said...

Think we could have been there a couple of hours and still not scored Marco. Stiil, we did have a good sing song!

Pembury Addick