Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Supporters of Charlton aren't like many other clubs.
 We are quite like Brentford, Millwall, Leyton Orient and Watford though.

We (mostly) live now, or have lived for a period, in and around the South East part of a huge metropolis with hundreds of diverting and entertaining events going on daily.

Despite these wonderful cultural opportunities available, we decide we are going to watch football.

But where?

We live just a few miles from some of the most wealthy and successful football clubs in this country and beyond, yet we spend our time following one of those clubs the press would politely call 'lesser', in the same way they label anyone who didn't go to Eton/Oxbridge as 'ordinary'.

It's all very well living in some one horse town up North and becoming a hardcore follower of your local team.

When it's a choice between sitting on the wall outside Lidl, chugging away on an alcopop, or heading into the dry of the home end, it's hardly that much of a choice.

We have chosen to align ourselves with a club where the successes really *mean* something, as we have regular disappointments.
It'd be easy to be a Glory Boy in this city but we choose not to.

So, onto tonight.

Of course not.

We are well used to disappointment, we are Addicks!!!

We have a severely injury depleted team, and an 'upstairs' that seems to have hardly enough money between them to service the debts, never mind make any improvements.

Come on Charlton fans. 
We know that on paper Forest should be giving us a right good hiding tonight.

They've spent around £6M this year while we've spent £0 propping up a team that's essentially a League 1 outfit.
Forest have star players we can only dream of.

Yet it's still just 11 v 11.

It's not impossible. 

Even if we are losing handsomely, we can still applaud the effort shown by our players.
We can give them strength by showing them we believe. We can be the difference between a player giving 80% and giving his all.

I'll see you there, 7:45pm.

(Bring your throat sweets.)

Oh and if it's confidence you're after, these might help.


Anonymous said...

Well put, Mate. We are the club that would'nt die! Come on you Reds!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Posting. Currently travelling up from East Kent on a full Valley Express. Whatever result tonight most of us will still be going on Saturday. Must be boring to support a wealthy club that can only buy it's success