Saturday, 21 September 2013


Charlton Athletic 0- Millwall 1

....and so it came to pass that as usual, Charlton bent over and offered their submission to Millwall.

On paper, Millwall should have been there for the taking but we know differently.

If Millwall had gone 1-0 down in the first half, they'd have fully believed they only needed a brief moment of good fortune to regain parity.
They'd have gone for it, as we would have done against any other opposition except perhaps Manchester United, who also hold the Indian sign over us.

Charlton went 1-0 down and we already knew the game was up.

The weight of history on our players was too much to carry.
 It doesn't matter how poor Millwall are, they always seem to have the grit and good fortune to turn over Charlton.

Today had 0-0 written all over it.
Millwall were rubbish.
Charlton were equally so.

~One moment claimed the 3 points and local pride.

Pritchard lost possession after Charlton had been denied a penalty claim. A speculative shot deflected viciously off Dervite leaving Ben Hamer stranded.

1-0 down and that was it.

One day we will beat Millwall.
I refuse to believe that witnessing the wins in 1996 is going to be it for me.

The odds were stacked precariously against Charlton today.
The most one sided local derby featuring the team with surely the worst record on live television, being officiated by a referee who has probably given Charlton more reasons to complain than any other, was never going to end on a happy note for the Addicks.

So, bragging rights can go to Millwall.

Sometimes football makes me unbelievably happy.

Then there's days like today.

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Anonymous said...

you were rubbish millwall deserved their win and you just cant hack that. millwall wouldnt give you a sniff and i think youll be lucky to stay up with the shit you put up today