Tuesday, 1 October 2013

That's More Like It.

Charlton Athletic 1 - Nottingham Forest 1
Ex CAFC Reid was very welcome back at the Valley.

The morning papers will have this down as a point won by both teams but from a Charlton perspective, this was so much more.

Despite an early setback in the second minute, when Andy Reid swung in a free kick, (only for it to catch Hamer flat footed and nestle in the net), a cobbled together Charlton side gave the kind of performance the supporters desired.

If the team had shown even half the commitment shown tonight at our previous home game against Millwall, the Lions wouldn't have had a prayer.

Against Millwall nobody really stood out for praise.
Tonight, the whole team deserve to be congratulated.

The Forest goal had a charmed life.
After barely creating a single chance of merit against Millwall and with much the same result up at Burnley, tonight there was wave after wave of Charlton pressure.
Chance after chance went begging, yet we 'knew' there'd be more to come.

Simon Church could have had a hat trick in the first half alone.
It was wonderful to watch.

Sordell scored the goal that looked like it could be the launch pad for Charlton to claim all 3 points but it wasn't to be.

The final touch just wouldn't come off but nobody can deny the team work and effort displayed to create those chances.

It's amazing what can be achieved when there's some belief.
The encouragement came pouring down from the stands and the players responded.

Lawrie Wilson was inspirational and it was his hard work that laid on the Charlton goal.

Before the game, as ever, I was convinced we'd be on the receiving end of a spanking.
What transpired was Forest were hanging on by the end.
Their 'keeper in particular was wasting a ridiculous amount of time.
Clearly they'd settled for what they already had.

It nearly backfired for them as in the closing seconds, Morrison could have won it for Charlton when he steamed in at the far post, onto a well delivered corner that went past the flapping keeper.

Had Morro stuck his nut on it as we expected, it couldn't have failed to end up in the net but it was at an awkward height so he went with his foot.
The ball missed the target and that was it.

I'm feeling quite elated after a draw.
It's an odd game eh?

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