Sunday, 20 May 2012

Security Meltdown

Something needs to be done.
Last night there was the most appalling breach of security I'd be amazed if those in control keep their jobs.

Those of us with longer memories will recall prankster Karl Power lining up on the pitch with the Manchester United team, prior to a UEFA Champions League game against the German side, Bayern Munich.

He was quickly spotted by the real players and sloped off.

Last night, in the Champions League final no less, somebody with a less than blemish free record was able to leave the crowd, put on a full kit, join the players and become a part of the trophy presentation.

Heads will roll.


Anonymous said...

If JT came around to my house with a lottery winners cheque I'd still tell him to eff off.
*this is because I cannot stand the prick and secondly, as I don't do the lottery I'd have seen through his attempts to have a go on my missus, who I must admit is pretty tasty in a certain light.

Marco. said...

That really made me chuckle!
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Like this post

Selfish dickhead hasnt learnt a thing. I was hoping roy hodgson would have bigger cahoonas and leave him out of the England team - cant believe he is still in the squad