Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Thames Flotilla.

I'm not really a Royalist but I am a Londoner, and to this end, I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent on the Southbank.

I didn't wave a flag or join in with the earnest hip hip hoorays but I was as much a part of the event as anybody else.

I'm glad I went along to see what will most certainly be a 'once in a lifetime' celebration.

Those people who were questioning my stance via twitter really were getting their knickers in a twist over not much.

The anti brigade have every right to say I shouldn't go and join in the celebrations once they've stopped joining in with Christmas if they don't go to church.

We stood near to the Queen Elizabeth Hall Purcell Room and Waterloo Bridge. It was absolutely heaving but the crowd were all very good natured.

Despite affecting an air of cool indifference, I did find I was waving my iPhone above my head and standing on tip toe once her madge's barge came close.

Did I say barge?

The tiny spot of white is QE2.
Floating palace would be a better description.

We waited until the 1000 vessels had gone by, then ambled back to London Bridge station, through the monsoon.

We walked for a while behind Jeremy Clarkson (and some of his rather sweary companions) who weren't impressed at the road and footway closures due to the heavy crowds.

In summary, even though I would rather think of myself like this, I'm probably a little bit like this too.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday everyone.


Bob Miller said...

While watching the Ms. Jenkins lovely rendition of God Save The Queen, I could not help but notice people sitting on their butts or men not having removed their hats. What ever happened to protocol and respect?

ChicagoAddick said...

I agree with the sentiment. I am no royalist either but on the basis that every other democracy is jealous of them, that'll do for me. It's the hangers on I can't abide the top table I can accept and actually like William & Harry.

I can't understand all the anti-feeling, some people need to get a life of f-off somewhere else.

I watched the BBC coverage with my 2-year old waving a union flag (she's only been to the UK 4 times) and I was very proud.

Well done for stepping out and witnessing some history. I am jealous.