Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's Blackpool.

We now know another of our opponents for next season in the Championship.

On merit, West Ham probably deserved to go up, (having finished third in the final league standings) but Blackpool had momentum and the beating of highly fancied Birmingham in the Play Off semis under their belt.

I chose to go retro and listened to the game from Wembley on the radio.
This gave me the opportunity to do other jobs I've been avoiding all week but really I quite like listening to football without the pictures- at least when Charlton aren't involved anyway.

The game was fairly enjoyable but it didn't compare to Blackpool triumphing over Cardiff 2 years ago, or indeed 'The Greatest Game' which was at the same stage of the competition, involving some team or other from South East London and Sunderland in 1998!

So, assuming the football fixture list computer doesn't send us up to Blackpool for a midweek evening game, we can all look forward to a weekend break on the Lancashire coast.

I just hope we get more luck on the pitch than we had on my last two visits to Bloomfield Road.

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Anonymous said...

you git. I've now had to watch that clip off The Greatest Game.
I'm in bits here