Sunday, 22 April 2012

Marathon Day

Our area of South East London has felt like a never ending party this weekend.

Yesterday, Charlton Athletic put the cherry on top of the promotion won the week before, by becoming 'Champions' of League One, with two games to spare.

Those of us who live nearby got the opportunity to wake up this morning and stroll outside, to carry on our festivities.

We waited near to the Pickwick pub on Woolwich Road, witnessing the rather dangerous speeds of the wheelchair racers, the fat free shapes of the elite runners, the toned torsos of the club runners and the 'all shapes and sizes' of the once in a lifetimes.

As ever, I found myself slack jawed over the huge amount of people who were willing to run the distance while wearing the kind of outfit that I'd have complained about, even if I'd only been asked to wear it while sat in the park.

Those 'rhinos' deserve every penny they receive.

I was pleased to be able to shout encouragement to fellow teacher and Charlton supporter Richard.
I'm sure he would appreciate some more donations for a worthy cause if you feel so inclined.

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Isle of Wight Addick said...

Talking of runners, I managed to video the sole pitch invader at the Valley on Saturday during our Champions Celebrations. This was hilarious, you can find the clip here: - John (Isle of Wight Addick)