Monday, 9 April 2012


Charlton Athletic 1 - Walsall 0.

Charlton set off like a train this afternoon but ended up hanging on to a well deserved 1-0 lead.

A fantastic delivery from the returning Johnnie Jackson gave Dany N'Guessan every chance to bury his header, which he of course managed with a flourish.

My favourite part of the game also involved Jackson.
For those of us old enough to remember, he made a fair fist of copying Eddie Gray doing his waltz for Leeds United in the 1970's.
For those people not old enough, click here.

As time wore on, Walsall came more and more into the game.
Luckily they didn't really bring their shooting boots and another 3 points get added to the total.

91 points and still not actually promoted?

What a season this is turning into.

A Casual Rating.

It wasn't a game to live long in the memory. The most important part was the final whistle and Charlton being in the lead at that precise moment.

"A win is a win", as everybody said on the way out.

Ref Watch.
Referee D Phillips wasn't up to much but compared with the most recent officials we have been assigned, he was fan bloomin tastic!
A 6/10 score, despite a couple of howlers.


Anonymous said...

Nearly there Marco!

Hungry Ted said...

Top marks for the Eddie Gray spot!!! Johnnie nearly twisted himself into the ground...

Marco. said...

Thanks Ted.
It's a shame his nephew, former Charlton player Andy Gray, never managed to do much for us.