Saturday, 21 April 2012


Charlton beat a spirited Wycombe 2-1 this afternoon, to clinch the League One title.
That is all.
And now it's a few pints of Guinness.

Enjoy your evening Addicks.


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Anonymous said...

I looked into the blue sky, then lowered my eyes to the new red and white flag that fluttered across my view, then down to that green, green pitch where our band of heroes walked towards the East Stand followed by that amazing and decent geezer Mr Powell. Its been a long old journey over the past few years which made it even sweeter today.

1998 and 2000 were the best and I doubt they will ever be bettered for me as they were such a surprise. But I'm savouring this far more - I know what failure feels like!

Pembury Addick