Sunday, 24 October 2010

What A Ride!

Carlisle United 3 - Charlton Athletic 4 (FOUR!!!) 

Well, what a game eh?
With apologies to any local theme parks, cycle hire businesses or 'ladies of the night', there was only one ride worth having in Cumbria yesterday.
What a topsy- turvy afternoon.

Having a bad case of man flu, I was confined to bed with only a MacBook Pro for company.
As the time approached 3pm, I logged onto CAFC player.

Imagine my excitement when I found the commentary from Crystal Palace's visit to Preston was coming through the speakers instead of news from Brunton Park.

Eventually, all was sorted but it did take me a while to work out if the commentator was 'ours' or not, due to his Northern accent.

The afternoon went something like this.

23 minutes, Jackson scored.

38 minutes, Anyinsah scored.

47 minutes, Benson scored.
Easy, Easy!!

58 minutes, Grella scored.
Hmm. Consolation goal?

61 minutes, Curren scored.
Bit worried now.

77 minutes, Madine scored.
Oh, ****! 
Typical sodding Charlton.

Parky won't survive this.
How can we lose a 3 goal lead?
What a long way to go for our loyal supporters, only to have the team collapse.


90 +2 minutes, Benson scored.
Suddenly we love Charlton again and everyone is elated.

The result won't have dampened down any of the 'Parky Out' brigade.
They'll choose to highlight the 3 goal cushion that was snatched away.

Parky will remind everyone that his team scored 4 goals, away from home, won 3 points somewhere we lost last season and the player he chased all Summer ended up being the match winner.

Much will depend on our home game against Sheffield Wednesday next weekend.
A strong performance in front of our own supporters might ease Parky's journey into November.

A collapse and the knives will be sharpened by many.


Anonymous said...

A let off for Parky I think.
I fully believe Benson scoring late saved Richard Murray from making the call last night.
Parky will last another week now

Anonymous said...

Definitely a game to remember. All those who went will remember it for years.
After last week I think anybody who made the journey so far into the northern wilderness needs a medal.
Nice picture of the Blackwall Approach. Did you take it?

Marco. said...

I agree.
Well done to all those who went so far to support the team.

Yes, I did take the picture.
It was taken from the footbridge that brings you from Westcombe Park towards SE7.
Last weekend the Southbound tunnel was closed so there wasn't much traffic. I thought I'd take a snap while walking about.