Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Franchise Flushed

Franchise FC 1 - Charlton Athletic 2.

What a fickle bunch we are.

Two minutes into tonight's Paint Drying Cup game at Stadium:MK and it was all gloom and doom.

We're rubbish, we're doomed, we're the worst Charlton team for a generation etc. etc.

By the end of the game it was smiles all round, players hugging each other and the warm feeling of accomplishment we get when our team win, and win well.

As the first half progressed, Charlton came more and more into the game and probably shaded it in terms of general play, despite 'Spotty' Chadwick's extremely early leading strike.

The second half was all Charlton.
Most people with any interest in the game, would have either seen live, or on Sky, the way Kyel Reid imposed himself on the second period.

Reid's sublime ball for Abbott to head home was inch perfect.
Without bragging, I think I too could have scored from such a perfect cross.

As there was to be no extra time, penalties were looming when Reid crossed again, this time using his right foot, for Waggy to steal in at the far post and touch the ball over the line.
A perfect run onto another perfect cross.

A few more performances like this one from Reid, especially on television, might mean a bid we can't turn down in January.

Charlton ran the clock down and are now into the next round, which I believe is the Quarter Finals.

A Casual Rating
No surprises here, Kyel Reid gets the Lacoste polo for his match winning performance.
I make it that our last 4 goals have all come from KR crosses.
Keep it up Kyel!

The Primark novelty slogan t shirt is being awarded to whoever decided the optimum kick off time was 7:15pm.
How many people turned on later, only to find they'd missed the first half an hour?

I also want to award a novelty slogan t shirt to the commentators who were so Premier League-centric, they were able to summise the following while discussing the slippy pitch,

"Even at this level, the players will own a few pairs of boots".

Even at "this level" ???
Come off it fellers. It's hardly playing against the bins behind the car park.
The players might only be tier 3 players but it is their job.
Most people have possessions that help them with their work.
Having said that, even parks players probably have a couple of pairs of boots kicking about at home.

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Miss Kish said...

Yes, we picked up on that comment here in Kish Towers. Who were those two 'commentators'? They were dire.