Sunday, 31 October 2010

Well Satisfied.

Charlton Athletic 1 - Sheffield Wednesday 0.

Walking back down Floyd Road after yesterday's game, Crispy and I remarked how different it felt from our previous trudge along the same route.

After the Brighton game, (or while it was still going on in truth), we really were rather down in the dumps.

On that day, it felt as if we were looking over a rather high precipice, fearful of tipping onto a free fall journey of no return.

We'd been given a rather harsh spanking by Brighton and we had some tough games coming up. It didn't look good.

Just 14 days later, Charlton have won away at Carlisle and beaten a highly fancied Sheffield Wednesday at the Valley.
A six points from nine haul, with the loss coming against the run away league leaders suddenly doesn't seem too tardy. As an added extra, we've now scraped into the final Play Off place, not that it means anything at all at this stage in the season.

It does seem rather incredible that Charlton have had a rather disappointing season so far, yet still nestle in the top six. Definitely a position to push on from.

Yesterday was a good day.

Waggy will get the headlines for his goal but it was the best team performance I've seen from our side in ages.
Semedo and Racon looked involved and creative rather than just hoping to nullify the opposition, Benson was moving into space with ease and wriggling into potential scoring positions, Jackson was finding his pass and move game again and the defence, (though very short of pace), seemed able to cover most of the dangerous situations.

Then there was Joe.

Joe Anyinsah was amazing. Without resorting too much to hyperbole, he was just too good for the opposition. He was everywhere, making a mischief of himself and a constant thorn in the side of the Wednesday defence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game.
Wednesday brought a large, good natured and loud following, reminding us that like Charlton, they have been out of the limelight for a few years but they retain the 'Big Club' label that we never really had, even when knocking about in the Premiership.

Nicky Weaver kept the score respectable from a Wednesday perspective, making three fantastic first half
saves. He was always likely to play well at the home of his old employers. He looked a lot 'trimmer' than when we were seeing him each week.

So, full marks to Parky and his team. The knives were out and being sharpened but the two wins have now placed them back in the kitchen drawer.

The team are by no means the finished article but I do find it interesting that only a few weeks ago, we all thought our only way of playing well was Kyel Reid pumping in early ball crosses.

Reid getting injured looked to be a catastrophe. Since his absence, our team have got maximum points.

Who knew?

Casual Rating
As ever, my usual 'ref watch' threw up some annoying moments.

Semedo was yellow carded when the Wednesday player trailed his leg, making sure that Jose made contact. It was annoying as Wednesday had obviously done their homework; get Semedo carded and he'd be a weaker force. It was also annoying as far harsher challenges had been made earlier on Wagstaff but the referee had merely given a free kick at worst.

Lee Martin was booked for diving in the area. It did look fairly theatrical but it was difficult to tell what had happened from my angle. Perhaps the yellow was justified.

Strangely, when Clinton Morrison threw himself to the ground in an almost laughable attempt to win a penalty and salvage a point, our ref just waved play on.

Anyway, luckily the referee didn't cost us this week and in general, he had a fairly good game, tightening up on the second half attempts to send Waggstaff into the West stand crowd.

The Lacoste Polo is going to Joe Anyinsah.
Well done Joe.
 Speed allied with a decent first touch and the never say die attitude of a player who kept going, even when surrounded by three defenders all snapping at his ankles made him a joy to watch.
Wednesday must have sighed with relief when he was substituted late on.

The Primark novelty slogan tee shirt is going to our ex neighbour, 'Billy Big Balls' Clinton Morrison. On the day his ex mates at Crystal Palace fell to the bottom of the Championship, he showed all of his worst sides.
Diving to hopefully win a dubious penalty, arguing with the linesman, arguing with the ref, having to be dragged away from Semedo after trying to get him sent off and finally, for wearing the most ridiculous custard colour boots.


Anonymous said...

Parky got it right yesterday but even if we won every game until Xmas many would want him to go.
He's a nice bloke but I'm not convinced he's the one for us.
I would live to believe in him but I can't at the moment.

Marco. said...

I'd rather say well done to Parky.
We won.
Well done.
That's it for this week. It's a results business after all.

Hungry Ted said...

Interesting that you drew comparisons with the walk home / away from the Valley with the last home game: I done the same. Rather than being surrounded by fellow Addicks claiming they've "had enough", I was walking tall with fellow supporters whom enjoyed their Saturday for once. How pleasant to see smiling faces!

I won't be getting carried away, but with Benson and Anyinsah looking an ever-growing threat, Racon and Semedo looking like they can dominate midfield battles and The Doc and Dailly looking solid, I may start to believe our arrival in the top 6 is not a short-term thing.

I was pleased for Francis, whom had his best game in an Addicks shirt. In my opinion he's had some rather unfair stick.

Marco - any thoughts on the take-over rumours?

Marco. said...

Ted- If there is to be a take over, I hope it's the 'right' kind of people.
The rumour I heard involved Dennis Wise which really doesn't fill me with anything other than dread.