Saturday, 11 September 2010

Playing With Yourself?

Today we meet the 'Oldest Club In The World' at the Valley.

My schoolboy memory, (unchecked by google so I could be way off the mark), leads me to believe that Notts County are so much part of the history of our beloved game, the mighty Juventus took their black and white striped kit from the East Midlands club.

Being the first club in the world, really is a bit pointless.
Surely, it's a bit like being the first person in the world to have a telephone?

I'd say that being the second person to own a telephone is rather more critical to the sequence of events.

Who did Notts County play against when they were formed?

They really should have been known as Notts Onanists until they found some people willing to give them a kickabout.

It's my birthday weekend, (the 'big' day is tomorrow).
In recent years we've not won to help me celebrate.
Last year I believe Alan P*****w returned and Southampton managed a draw they didn't deserve.
Wolves gave us a bit of a stuffing the year before.

Unfortunately, I have to start my weekend by heading over to Beckton to pick up a parcel from my 'local' depot.
I've never had to go there before for a pick up. I've always just popped over to the Greenwich depot near to Sainsbury and been home again in not much more than 10 minutes.

If you fancy a preview of todays game, click here.
I'm hoping for a win yet somehow I believe we are still a team in transition. A draw at best with a loss just as likely is my rather morose view.
I really hope I'm wrong.

September 11th is always a day for reflection.
I cant believe it's 9 years since those horrific scenes in Washington, Pennsylvania and of course, New York City.
Lives were lost and ruined on that day which only makes my ramblings seem rather pathetic.


Right, I'm off to East London.
Hope the tunnel is open.


Anonymous said...

mmmm, beckton. you lucky boy.
i think notts county might give us a bit of a slap today. our team need to get back to winning but possibly the pressure of an expectant crowd might be too much. not that im expecting a big crowd. a rather poor 15,000 i think.

Marco. said...

You might be right.

Have you heard of capital letters?


MissKish said...

Hope the boys ensure your birthday celebrations start off on the right foot Marco.

Marco. said...

Thanks Miss K.
We live in hope.

Kings Hill Addick said...

I think you might find that the reason Notts County are the oldest team in the world is that the other teams they played with back in the day have all died or whatever teams that fail to be do.