Monday, 6 September 2010

Christian Forced To Take A Break

Unfortunately, Christian Dailly has been forced to take a break from first team duties for around 5 weeks.

The fact that his facial injury happened while playing in the worthless Paint Drying Cup only adds to my annoyance.

I don't know how far Jon Fortune is from easing into the vacant central defensive position but I hope it's not too long.
I do appreciate the skills of Big Mig Llera but I'm not sure he's the one to hold our rearguard together. He seems to play at a ratio of one very good game, a couple of mediocre games and then one stinker before he's dropped and the whole sequence starts all over again.

In other news, those 14 people who were planning on heading up to Milton Keynes for the next round of the previously mentioned PD cup, can now save themselves the effort.
I do like the Stadium:MK but I'm not racing out of work to head up there for a pointless fixture, now that Rupert Murdoch has decided to show the game live.

Get well soon CD.
"I want curly hair too."


Anonymous said...

You want any kind of hair Marco.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll have the ticket office girl all to myself then!


Marco. said...

I'd forgotten about her Crispy. As lovely as she was, I'm still not coming though.
As you said, you can have her undivided attention.