Saturday, 25 September 2010

25 Years on.

It's home to Dagenham in around 2 hours time.
We should be looking at 3 points but of course, this is Charlton we are talking about so nothing can ever be assumed.
It's also the 25th anniversary of the 'last game at the Valley'. 
I wasn't there on the day but I feel it is totally right and acceptable the club make a big fuss over something that really could have spelled the end of our club.
My own Charlton journey started during that time in exile at Norwood.
My friends and I used to decide on game we were heading to on a Saturday morning. 
We sometimes went to Wimbledon, (Plough Lane), sometimes Highbury, sometimes QPR and sometimes even Stamford Bridge.
Our default ground was always Selhurst Park when Charlton were at home, purely because we knew it was never a struggle to get in and parking would be fairly easy!
I started to care about the plucky team and when I moved back to this area after some time both abroad and away from the South East, I got sucked in BIG time.
I went to an evening game with Crispy when Charlton had been back at the Valley for about 18 months and I've never looked back.
Oddly, I probably wouldn't have started going if I hadn't become interested in Charlton while the team were stuck at Selhurst.
For most people, the exile was a hateful time but for me, it was a time when Charlton gained a new supporter.
Today will be emotional for many people.
As Curbs used to say in his programme notes, 
Let's hope we can be sent home happy.


Anonymous said...

glory hunter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the name checks Marco. I'm speeding through Kent on the Eurostar now. See you on Tuesday.