Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Views Of Melvyn Bragg.

Bloody football.
Bloody Charlton.
Bloody Andrew sodding Lloyd Webber.

All in all, not the best evening.
The Adelphi theatre, showing Love Never Dies, must have been nearing 35 degrees C.  
Despite our tickets being in the 'upper' price band, my left leg became stuck to an octogenarian lady next to me due to the sweat, (me), and Lily of the Valley, (her), we were producing. 
The seats were obviously designed for Ronnie Corbett.

A bar of chocolate turned to soup and I thoroughly regretted wearing long trousers rather than the more laid back attire I'd sported all day.

The show was fantastic if you like that kind of thing.
Unfortunately I don't.

The wonderful electronic scenery, the freaky props and the very fit looking acrobats were very,very impressive but I found myself exchanging those "I can't believe this is so cringey" looks with Mrs CC.

I really can't abide it when characters sing to each other.

My idea of a musical is some acting, some dialogue, then a bit of a tune.

When people meet up and sing, "hello, you look well", to each other with no particular tune, just faffing about with a few random notes it's like finger nails on a blackboard to me.

Until last night, I didn't realise my iPhone lit up like a Christmas tree whenever there's a score update pushed through on the iFooty app.

Sitting in the dark, my aged, sticky legged friend, was able to follow what was happening at Shrewsbury nearly as well as I was.

A bit of a disappointment that our reserves didn't manage to hang on to a 3, (THREE) goal advantage but ultimately I couldn't really care less about the Carling Cup.
We weren't ever going to win it and our wafer thin squad can't really stretch to any extra games.

I was at the last game we won in the competition, three years ago, against Carlisle and we very nearly threw it away then too.
Our record in the competition is terrible so no surprises we lost.

It's all about Friday now.

I'll be there and I'm hoping for a completely different and much more entertaining time.

* Melvyn Bragg had absolutely no input or interest in this post. I'm sure he wouldn't be bothered by either Charlton Athletic or Andrew Lloyd Webber.
(He's more of a Barbara Cartland man anyway.)


Anonymous said...

Bragg is a Gooner.
He's on record as saying he loved David Rocastle which is no bad thing.

Phil said...

Marco, sounds like you were sat next to Barbara Cartland.
I know what you mean about the singing, the same thing put me off Miss Saigon some years ago.......I'm no impresario ( did I really need to say that ? ) but for God's sake talk in between the songs. Speaking of which and with a nod towards Mr Bragg, a few tunes is what he always sounds like he needs to clear that blocked nose !

Love Should Die said...

Phantom Needs NO Sequel!
Obviously you did not have a good time at the show, and it's unfortunate that Andrew Lloyd Webber can't even keep his theatres cool in the summer heat. Ticket sales mustn't be all that great.

Webber's ludicrous sequel to Phantom - LOVE NEVER DIES - destroys the original characters and story written by Gaston Leroux. Theatre critics disliked it giving it less than 3 stars, and theatregoers are calling it 'Paint Never Dries'.


Marco. said...

Thanks for your comments LSD.

So, who do you think Parky should be using as a replacement for the suspended Semedo against Leyton Orient on Friday night?