Saturday, 21 August 2010

Should Have Gone To Specsavers.

News has filtered through that Sainsbury's in Norwood have got themselves a new trolley boy.

Nobody is very sure how well he is going to fit in, especially as he has previously been employed at some of the grandest fashion houses of Europe.
It's a massive step back for him but the supermarket are 'cock a hoop' with their latest capture.

Nigel O'Clearasil was available to comment,

" I'm sure he'll be fine with us. It's true that nobody else wanted him and most people thought he'd retired years ago. I know he hasn't been working since 2008 but you don't just forget how to be a trolley boy."

"He's very excited to be joining us, despite all his mates mocking him and asking him why he wants to do something so menial at his age."


Phil said...

Marco, you will no doubt recall the Palarse have previous in this regard.......Tomas Brolin ! In respect of this branch of Sainsburys it seems they are fond of displaying goods well past thier sell-by date.

Marco. said...

Ah Brolin.
He seemed to get fatter by the week didn't he?
Lombardo was another one but I'd class him as a success.
Maybe Edgar Davids will be a Lombardo, rather than a Brolin.