Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Opting Out

I seem to have taken advice from Dave at Drinking During The Game.

I'm opting out this evening.

I won't even be listening in on the CAFC player as I shall be part of an evening of culture.

I shall be spending the evening eating yoghurt

This evening, we will be sitting through our countries favourite Toad lookalike's most recent opus as we endure  enjoy Love Never Dies at the Adelphi on the Strand.

Neither of us are particularly looking forward to it but we know someone in the cast so we are off to show support.

I can't imagine there will be any Lacoste polos or Primark novelty slogan t- shirts being awarded by me at the end of the night but you never can tell.

I'll be the bloke with his iPhone in his hand, looking at the score updates from Shrewsbury.


ChicagoAddick said...

I'm opting out too. I'll be on a plane. But no doubt will check my Blackberry before I do customs, get bag, have a pee or anything else!

Kings Hill Addick said...

I'm opting out too. I'm going for a run with my trainer and I have a feeling she wouldn't approve of me checking my iPhone for updates.

Marco. said...

At over £60 for each ticket, I think I'd rather be running.

confidentialrick said...

Nice one Marco, will we be getting a Toad match-report ?

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Will the real Ray Cooney please stand up! I've never understood how you got away with trolling out the same old "whoops there go my trousers", pratfall, prurient, drivel year after year after year.
Seems Parky studied long and hard at the same school. Different cast same old farce. Its way beyond a joke, which was never funny the first time.