Sunday, 11 April 2010

$outhampton 1 - Addicks 0

I just knew what was going to happen yesterday.

Pardew seems to have a fairly good record against his former teams, (how we rejoiced when Curbs came visiting with West Ham, only to be sent back through the Blackwall Tunnel nursing a 4-0 battering).

Yes, old big nose surely knows how to raise his teams against his former employers.

Southampton are of course, benefitting from the birthday present of Administration.

I feel particularly strongly about this.
The South coast club were up doo doo creek financially but managed to wipe out their debts in an instant.

Those companies and individuals who lost their money after doing business, in good faith, with the Saints must have been overjoyed to find the team signing a million pounds forward at the beginning of the season.

Since then, Southampton have been able to bolster their squad with players such as big hitters in this league, Lee Barnard and Jason Puncheon among others.
I would be sending manure through the post to St. Mary's, if I had been one of the businessmen who lost thousands and thousands of pounds from my dealings with the club.

So, the 3 wins and a draw points deduction they received?
Yesterday one of the wins came that most certainly wouldn't if we, like them, had found the money to buy a striker.

I imagine Southampton must feel they have been punished by their points deduction.
It's hardly a punishment though.
We haven't gone into administration and look highly likely to reach the Play Offs but are then subject to the lottery of one off games.

In all probability we won't go up.

If we don't, most of our semi decent players will be picked up by other teams with more financial clout, (like Southampton!) and we will no doubt spend a couple of years consolidating in the middle of League 1, before making a push, hopefully in the same fashion Millwall are doing now.
We will be left financially crippled with a demoralised club and fanbase.

Southampton have spent this year building a squad that's highly likely to walk the League 1 title next season, in the same way Norwich have done this year.
They have been winning games comfortably, so their crowds are up and there is a feel good factor on the South coast.
 Their team are coming together in this 'dead season', almost like playing a whole year of warm up games.
They've had a chance to build for the future with a clear mind.
Anything they achieve this year is a bonus.
Their impressive march to victory at Wembley in the Decorators Cup, will have pacified any rumblings of discontent and thrown down a marker for other teams for next season.

Who has really been punished?
Not Southampton that's for sure.

Charlton gave it a go yesterday but were unfortunate to find Kelvin Davis, yet again, in the form of his life.
The Saints stopper was fantastic at The Valley the last 2 times I've seen him.
 His 3 saves at St. Mary's from Nicky Bailey efforts saved the game yesterday, and the 3 points for Southampton.

I hold quite warm affections for Southampton.
As a youngster, I went 'training' with them.
This was back in the early 80's,- days before children were officially signed up by teams.
I had been 'spotted' and invited to come to weekly sessions that were run so professionally, I was desperate to be retained.
We were treated really well and were all aware, this was a privilege not to be wasted, potentially the first step on the ladder to becoming footballers.

Despite these positive feelings for the Saints, I feel they have cheated in the last year.
If they were forced to pay back all the money they owe, they wouldn't be able to afford their current team, never mind their wages.

It's just another example of behind the scenes in football, being rotten to the core.
The win at all costs mentality, pushed by businessmen with morals made of soup, has started to turn me against a game I have loved since around 1972.

I was cheered by some positive news about one of our former players, Danny Mills.
Always one of the most, 'committed' players, especially in his completely nut job second period with our club.
He always seemed an honest and upright individual, (away from crashing into wingers!), so I was really pleased to read about his latest venture.
Good on you Danny.

I suppose for every bunch of shysters, there are others involved in football who can still find the time to do good.
(Danny Mills justgiving page.)


Anonymous said...

good on DM.
I always liked him

Anonymous said...

Pardew really did make a hash of his time at Charlton, especially in our first season in the Championship.
We were pushing for promotion all season and then he got in loads of unsuccessful loan players with around 10 games to go.
We plummeted & missed our chance.

He is quite likely to cock it up at Southampton too.
The arrogance of the man won't let him admit he messed up Charlton's best chance for an immediate return to the Premiership so he won't have learned any lessons.
Saints should be very careful next season.