Saturday, 24 April 2010

Exeter City 1-Charlton Athletic 1

This afternoon, a man with a nice, sensible haircut* managed to deny Charlton the chance to gain a top two place and automatic promotion.
(*my haircut).

It's the lottery of the Play Offs for us then.

I am an admirer of Paul Tisdale; he's done a fantastic job down there in Devon.

The game today seemed to be fairly similar to any other game Charlton have been involved in lately.

Dominance, be it shots on target, possession or corners means nothing if you can't get the ball into the net with the final touch.

Listening online in the South East London sunshine, it seemed as if it was one Charlton corner after another for periods of the first half.

Well done to Exeter who have given themselves every chance of remaining in League 1 with the result today.
The 1000 plus Addicks, currently making their way back from the South West, will be disappointed at the missed opportunity but it's been the slip ups at home to teams such as Leyton Orient and Brighton that have really spoiled our season.

So, at least two, possibly three, extra games now stuck onto the end of the season.
That's more much needed money from selling programmes and pies, the ticket sales, the television hand out, (oh NO, we still haven't won on TV this season have we?) etc etc.

The only blot on the horizon I can see, is next week we have Yorkshire on patrol, hoping to emulate Norwich  City and grab Promotion at the Valley.

I have a feeling they might manage it too.

In other news, our old handsome friend Mr Dowie has weaved his magic again, this time at Hull.
'Our' Darren scored for Sunderland today to defeat Hull 1-0.
It will now take a most implausible sequence of events to stop Hull City being returned to the Championship.

Dowie will no doubt be part of one of the networks World Cup 'dream teams' of presenters.

As for Hull?
He'll be long gone from them and waiting for his next chance to manage someone for less than 15 games.


Floyd said...

Marco - sartorial ellegance seems to sum Mr Tisdale up to a degree. A good man doing well. Good luck to him and his.

Dave said...

Marco - I know it's a shocking record, but we did beat Brentford earlier in the season when I think we were televised? the play-offs have been good to us historically? Dave (clutches at straws.

Marco. said...

If that's the case Dave we can all relax!
I'd forgotten about Brentford.
We do seem to have patterns to our results.
An example being, for what seemed like forever we always got hammered in the North West.
I hope the tv hoodoo is all in my imagination.

ChicagoAddick said...

Wasn't the 1947 Wembley Cup Final televised and Wembley 1998 :-)