Wednesday, 28 April 2010

J J On His Way.

So, he's gone then.
For far less money than we hoped but then again, probably a lot more than most third division clubs could command for a player who isn't even a guaranteed starter.

I wish Jonjo Shelvey well up there in Liverpool.
They are a huge club with passionate and knowledgeable supporters.

Who knows? We may see him back at the Valley either in our own red shirt or even one of our opponents, should Liverpool loan him out while they are developing him.

I liked Jonjo.
I liked the fact that he seemed to be playing purely by intuition and natural skill. He looked like a kid playing in the park or the playground which must have been awful for managers to try and fit into a system but always made him likely to create something special.

Jonjo gave the impression he was playing for fun rather than it being a job.
Despite his middle aged crown, he played as if he was a ballboy who had taken a wrong turning in the changing rooms and been given a place in the side by accident.

I found out today that Jonjo Shelvey played for Byron Red Star youth team.
One of my first football memories is walking through the park with my dad, to cheer on Red Star when I was a small boy of about 4 or 5 years old.

Good Luck Jonjo and thanks for the memories.

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Anonymous said...

bye bye baldy
baldy bye bye!

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