Monday, 11 January 2010

A Weekend Off

"You are my Charlton,
My only Charlton,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey....."

I've sang this harmless ditty on many occasions but as yet, no smarty pants has thought of a verse to incorporate the times when skies are white.

No Charlton this weekend.
 Hardly any football full stop in fact, all due to the kind of weather other parts of the world seem to be able to cope with, without their whole infrastructure and society collapsing into panic buying and salt hoarding.

So, another free weekend stretched out before me.
Luckily, I didn't quite get to the stage of boredom where dressing up the cat seemed like a good idea!!!

A lazy morning was followed by a lazy lunch while reading the paper.
The afternoon was spent ambling about in Greenwich, enjoying the cafes and buying books in Waterstones.
As the snow came down I made for the park and watched the families and teenagers sliding down the hill on a variety of airbeds, sledges, bin bags and in one particularly flamboyant case, a snowboard.

A dog ran around enjoying the cold. He was perfectly dressed with his heavy coat and was bombing around, buzzing the walkers and showing off his friendliness.

When it was time to come home, I felt too lazy to walk back so climbed on the 177 bus heading along Trafalgar Road. The Oystercard reader wasn't working so it was a free journey.  
Sunday morning was spent watching a DVD of the BBC and David Attenborough series "Life". Amazing photography and I found it mesmerising.

In the afternoon I took one of my regular strolls down to the Thames Barrier, taking my life in my hands as the sheet ice on the pathway made it rather a challenge to walk in a straight line.

I already have my ticket for next week at Wycombe.
We need to grab 3 points to make our game in hand over Norwich really worth something.

I enjoyed my weekend off but PLEASE can we get back to normal soon?


Ketts said...

Could actually be two games in hand come Saturday CC, though the chances of Norwich's game at Walsall going ahead tomorrow look remote.

Wycombe should be okay, I think they may have undersoil heating at Adams Park. Go anyway, if the game is called off you can still enjoy the 'exotic dancers' in the White Horse!!

Anonymous said...

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Marco. said...

No thanks Anon.
Now be a gent and jog on.